Word One

Max says “hello!”

So I finally went and made myself a “real” blog. I’ve been using Tumblr and while I will be keeping my Tumblr alive, it isn’t really best for writing wordy posts. Now my history with blogs is terrible, really. The last one I kept featured a hot pink background, emotional highschool-girl material, and to top it off the cursor trailed stardust. Can you say baduy?I actually think it may still be out there because I totally forgot the password and have deleted the email account I used to register it… so I sincerely hope that for everyone’s sake (and most especially for my own) that it has somehow disappeared in cyberspace.

Hopefully I find the discipline to keep this WordPress blog up, and not just with photo-heavy posts but with actual writing as well. Summer is coming up and what gave me that last little push I needed to begin this is my upcoming trip to the US–specifically to LA and New York. I’m getting more and more excited as the days go by! I haven’t been to the US in years, since most of our trips since I was twelve have been to Europe or around Asia. I remember LA pretty well but the last time I was in New York I was four years old so I remember nada. This summer I’ll be doing some pretty exciting things while I’m there. Won’t spill all the beans on that just yet.

This will very likely be a personal blog, if in case it would have to be categorized… but not deeply personal or anything like that. Come summer I will definitely be sharing a lot about my trip and, after that, “normal,” everyday musings and the like. Owing to my excellent timing and prioritization skills, I’m writing my first post while I should be studying for finals. Tsk, tsk. I really should get back to my readings for now. But hooray for a new blog and welcome to whoever may read it. :)

P.S. The layout will be generic/boring until I find the time to play around with the theme. Sowee!

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