De-Stressing Agent

Whenever I have tons of school work to get done, I seem to browse online shops and fashion and beauty blogs some three times more than usual. The pretty bags and make up are just so much more appealing than blank Word documents waiting to be filled up. I think it was one of my blockmates who commented that if laptops are essential to studying, it is probably one of the greatest paradoxes in the world. So much temptation and it’s all really just a click away! Sigh.

I guess aside from distracting me, they serve as de-stressing agents for me as well. Here are some of the things that have been on my mind (and on my screen) for the last few weeks:

The Cambridge Satchel (Batchel)

Backstory: I was in HK in early February where I first saw the new Kate Spade collection for Spring. They have these adorable satchels in candy colors like pink and yellow and green. They go for something like 300USD and I wasn’t completely in love with them so I didn’t really give them a thought for purchase. Back home in Manila, I heard from a friend about the Cambridge Satchels that are being imported by Schu (yup, the shoe brand). Started looking at photos online and I instantly adored the bag. Turns out they sell them at Lane Crawford in HK (so boo, could have had one earlier) but I had no idea at the time. They’re also surprisingly more affordable than the Kate Spade satchels, going at approx. 6000 php for the bigger sizes. And yes, I ordered one. In red! It’ll look something like this:

I got the 15″ size so that I can use it for school next year, and had it blind embossed with the letter “M.” I had a hard time picking between the vintage brown (in the first photo above) and red, but I really, really love the candy apple red. There are better pictures out there but this one shows the blind embossing, which I am so excited about. Will get mine in May, and I am patiently waiting. :)

Valextra x Holmes & Yang (photo via Bag Snob)

There’s also this. I died, okay. I love Valextra, it is one of my dream brands. A lot of people find it way to minimalist for a high end brand, but you can’t say anything against the quality. Italian leather and craftsmanship. How can you beat that? This collaboration between the brand and Katie Holmes seems to have birthed a beautiful creation–just look at it. I’m not a huge fan of Katie, but I do think she has a great fashion sense (you can tell I like simple and classic) and it fits in with Valextra very well. This bag comes out in July, and I almost certainly will not be able to afford it , but I’m free to drool over its image, right?

And finally:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

This just arrived in the mail! And I kid you not, it just arrived in the mail, as I was writing this. Time to play!


Disclaimer: Photos of the Cambridge Satchel are just from Google. The Lumix photo is from the official site. None of these photos are mine.

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