Kicking It Off On A Full Stomach (Summer, that is)

So far (two days in!), the break has been great.  Yesterday Greg and I went to dinner at 2nds (original plan was Chelsea but we changed our minds) and I totally forgot to take pictures! We love that place though, it has a cozy feel to it and really good food. They just have to make some improvements to the acoustics in the room. Peoples’ voices bouncing all over the place. We watched Sucker Punch afterwards and I really loved it, despite the terrible reviews it’s been getting. I suppose I wasn’t expecting much of it in the first place so it easily exceeded my low expectations (content-wise). The graphics, cinematography, over-all visuals were great. I love date nights.

What I did remember to take pictures of was lunch today at Bistecca with my mother. Check out the awesome steak we had! I definitely recommend this resto if you’re serious about your meats. They serve it with flavour-infused rock salts. Mmm.

Drool. Love their plates, too.

The side dish + sauces

We also got truffled french fries. Ever had something “truffled” that had just way too little (or too much, which is just as bad) truffle oil in it? Yeah, well this is not that. It was perfection. The sauces and salts in the picture are for the steak. Some mushroom-y really fresh sauce, a gravy, garlic-infused rock salt, chili-infused rock salt, and truffle-infused rock salt. That is how it’s done, people. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Chandelier made of empty glass bottles

Bistecca is located on the ground floor of Rockwell’s Joya tower. If you’re looking for a good steak, go for it! I love that the first thing I can say about my break is that I’ve been having good food. I also get to see my barkada twice this coming week! So excited for that. Will be in Singapore from Thursday until Sunday too–yay for summer! :)

In other news, not being able to indent at the beginning of my paragraphs here is really getting on nerves now. Haha.

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