A First: Fancy Fragrance!

Miss Dior Cherie

Isn’t the bottle just so pretty? :) I fell in love with the look of this perfume (which has been around for a very long time according to my mom, since 1947) when I saw the new advertisements out with Natalie Portman as the new model for the scent. Of course they timed it along with the release of Black Swan, but I love Natalie Portman for all of her roles. So I went to the Rustan’s fragrance section the next time I happened to be in Shangri-la and tried it out–and instantly loved it. I also checked out reviews online and the opinion on the scent is divided: you either hate it or adore it. There are “caramel popcorn” notes along with “mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli.” I know, it sounds sickeningly sweet and I know nothing about perfume notes and all that, but I do love this scent. :)

More pictures and more femininity after the jump!

The box and the gorgeous bottle. Check out the houndstooth pattern embossed onto the bottom!

I got the 50ml eau de toilette because it is my first real scent ever. Up until now I’ve been using light body sprays, which I will continue to use for every day things, with this as my new sort of “special event” scent. The bottle and the scent were inspired by a dress designed by Christian Dior that had a thousand flowers on it and featured exquisite embroidery. Look it up, it’s beautiful. :)

Detail: CD on top + the gorgeous bow

Check out the details! If you get the eau de parfum, the ribbon is metallic, while on the Eau it’s frosted, and on the eau de toilette it’s clear. The silhouette is meant to mimic that of a dress suit, both structured and feminine at the same time. The houndstooth pattern is also supposed to remind one of a dress. It helps a lot that I am a big fan of anything Dior already. From their clothing aesthetic to their cosmetics–and now a part their fragrance line.

This was my special purchase from our Singapore trip, and my dad only let me get it because I got good grades last sem (hehe). I do seem to be in a very girly mood lately, maybe because summer is here, but even the stuff I got from Sephora were girly, girly, girly! For example, this Urban Decay Feminine Palette:

Palette Set

The outside of the palette isn’t amazing and I am not partial to purple, but I get that it’s UD’s color and everything. Besides, it comes with a small primer potion in “Eden” (the matte nude) and what’s inside the palette totally makes up for the meh exterior.

Shadows: Stray Dog, swf, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse, Ecstasy. Liner: UD 24/7 in Zero.

So far I am loving stray dog, swf, and midnight cowboy. Darkhorse is also lovely and I haven’t had the chance to try aquarius and ecstasy on (btw, did you notice that they spelled ecstasy wrong? or is that intentional? haha!). Urban Decay always takes me by surprise with colors that I think will look kitsch on my eyes but turn out to be amazing because of the quality. I was actually looking for the Naked Palette (who isn’t?) but took this as consolation instead, and I’m glad I did.

Aside from that, I got orange nail polish, a baby pink Victoria’s Secret make up pouch, and tons of Majolica Majorca mascara.  The colors for this Spring/Summer are just so awesome! All the aqua, orange, yellow, green, and pinks/nudes! I love it and it makes me so happy. I’m girly without even when girly isn’t “in” so when LV brought the 50s silhouettes back out for fall, I was ecstatic. And it continues this Spring in lighter colors–I coudn’t be happier! :)

I love being a girl!


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