This is an extremely late post, but better late than never I guess! My current location is New York, but before that I spent a week in L.A. visiting my cousins. Here we are at my cousin Rosanna’s house in Irvine. They have a beautiful view! They can see the nightly firework show from Disneyland for free! Haha :)

And speaking of Disneyland, of course I had to go for a visit to the happiest place on earth! :) Another one of my cousins, JC, took a class on Imagineering. Imagineers are the engineers who think up everything that goes into making the Disney theme parks, so JC knew quite a bit of inside information. The fireworks and World of Colour (an evening light and water show) were so beautiful! There really is something about Disney that just builds up the happiness and hope in you. :)

I will be back in LA after May 8. Hopefully I can add to my list of spotted celebrities before then (more on that in another post, when I have time).

So. Tired. But loving New York!

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