New York

As was expected, my goal of blogging regularly about my trip has been a bust so far. I’ve been in New York since April 13, and this is a condensed update of what I’ve been doing since then. The first few days were just about getting settled in and being a tourist with my mom. So of course, there must be tourist pictures! Above, I’m in Central Park. It’s not the prettiest part of the park, but my mom and I were just walking through. I haven’t had the chance to go back for a day of relaxing in the sun yet (boo), and it would be perfect with the weather lately. Sigh. Been so busy.

This is me at the Rockefeller center! I’m a pretty big fan of the Today show… but not the type who’d buy cheesy merchandise or anything. It’s just fun listening to Kathy Lee and Hoda talk as I walk around my room either studying or just doing other random things. I wanted to wake up real early and be one of those people who walk by in the background as they tape the show, but again, I haven’t had the time. Sad. Oh and aren’t the tulips beautiful? There are so many of those all over the city! They’re especially gorgeous in the sun–gives them a bright orange glow. :)

I really haven’t taken as many pictures of the city as I could and should be taking. Bad, Iana!

I also got to meet up with some old friends! :) Guido, Mela, Liaa (who I haven’t seen since high school), and Ange! Mela and Ange are at FIT, Guido came in from Boston for the weekend, and I forgot where Liaa goes (hehe). They’re all so American now! HAHA. This is us at some Korean place near St. Mark’s Square. Haven’t seen so many asians and college kids since I got here. It was loads of fun catching up and being the newbie!

Earlier on the same day I met up with friends, I had lunch with Greg’s tita Ann who was sweet enough to commute in from Long Island to take me out. Here we are at Dean & Deluca where we had yummy desserts, coffee, and smelled the yummy breads (she likes to bake). I made this picture the last because with it, I will talk about the first of many things that I find interesting, irksome, or weird about NY/America so far:

(going to use bullet points, I’m lazy and I want to sleep)

  • NOT hot coffee! I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s cold, but my gosh, you can’t get a really good HOT cup of coffee here! Maybe they’re afraid of being sued for selling coffee that’s too hot? That Starbucks story from a few years back was really weird. Even when I ask for “extra hot” coffee at Starbucks, it comes out normal at best. Irks me for sure.
  • Paying for taxi rides with credit cards. Or paying for anything with a credit card! Interesting in a good way, because back home paying with a card is not the norm. I suppose it’s indicative of the economy and how things work in the country. Systems here are just better in general, whereas in the Philippines it’s just an extra hassle to take out your card and go through the process.
  • People are wasteful. This one is weird, since it seems to (not directly) contradict their obsession with organic things and electric cars. I’m really not in the mood to get into it because it makes me sad. I feel like saving everything they never even think to save. I really don’t care how rich you are, it just makes so much more sense to save. Sigh.
Anyway, next post will be my late Easter post, featuring a Mercedes Benz SLS gull wing. Ooooohhhh. :)

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