Easter at Westchester

A week and a day after, I finally have time to publish my Easter post!

I’ve never spent Easter (or Holy Week) away from my parents, so this was very different for me. I went out of NYC with my cousin and her friends to a weekend home at Westchester. The property, as you will see, is huge and very, very pretty. There’s a view of a lake, a tennis court, and loads of space for the dog to run about–and the dog is huge, you will see. The whole weekend was just really relaxing. Engelbert, my cousin’s friend, made home-made pizzas for us on the first night (white truffle, pepperoni, and cheese) and then made steamed fish and steak for lunch on Easter day.

This is the view looking towards the house with the lake behind me, but that isn’t the main house. That’s the barn, which is approximately 200 years old. They use it as a summer house and it overlooks the pool and the lake.

View from the balcony of the barn. Too bad the pool was covered. Even if it was sunny, that weekend was a little on the cool side. Not unpleasant but definitely not swimming weather either.

The guest house and my cousin, who’s giving me the tour. Behind the guest house is the tennis court.

Our Easter Sunday meal! Of course we had rice, since Engelbert’s also Asian I guess he understands. Haha! The cheesy looking bowl is the mashed potatoes. YUM.

Everyone getting ready to eat!

Rabbit ear table napkins– Easter appropriate and tres cute!

That’s Liger! He’s huge but really gentle and sweet.

Of course I have to include a photo of this beautiful machine. Mercedes Benz SLS gull wing! Not the best picture, I apologize, but it’s a difficult car to get at a flattering angle unless the doors are up and open. It looks amazing in person though. The upholstery is red. Love it. They also have an F1 car but I didn’t get to see that. Boo.

One response to Easter at Westchester

  1. Aicar

    THE DOG IS SO CUUUUUUUUUTE. What breed is it? He looks so clean for a white dog that has that much outdoor running space!

    I love the pictures, Ians:) See you sooooon!

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