Spring in NY– I’m In Love

They say that you belong to New York as much if you’ve been there for five minutes as if you’ve been there for fifteen years. Before going to NY, I wasn’t expecting much, which only made me fall faster and harder when I got there. It’s not even difficult for me to admit– I love New York in a cliche and excessive way and I can’t wait to go back.

For the majority of my stay I had work on weekdays, so I didn’t have nearly enough time to be a tourist. If I write about my internship (and I’m pretty sure I will), that will be in a separate post. In the rare moments that I had to myself, I took few pictures. I remember one of the other interns at Stella who was also a tourist asked me “Have you looked up in NY?” and I was like “Huh? Of course!” and she said “Ok good, because it took me a whole month to realize that I hadn’t been looking up, and I was missing about eighty percent of the city.” That only made me look around with even greater attention–there’s just too much to miss if you aren’t paying attention, which is one reason why I think it’s impossible for anyone to really dislike NY. There’s an area/place for everyone: whether you like the snobby upper east, the busy (shopping haha) Soho, cozy West Village, or even Chelsea (if you swing that way). It’s pretty easy to find your own little nook. Anyway, here are random photos that I took:

Tulips- There were so many all over the place. This particular patch was on an island in the upper east side right beside the Loyola School. My personal faves were the orange ones because they almost looked fluorescent in the sunlight. No picture of those though.

One Sunday in Central Park.

More tulips by the signage for the Boat House :)

Water Taxi coming in to Battery Park from Ellis (I’m assuming)

Manhattan. Pictured from the ferry going to Ellis Island.

 The statue of Liberty

And I suppose that’s it for now. I have a backlog of photos I want to share. I’ll probably just make one album on Facebook for all of them. Hehe, lazy! But my point is that New York was amazing, and I know no better way to embellish that statement than with photos.

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