Subic Tree Top Adventure

Before the break ended, Greg and I made it a point to head out of town together for a day trip. After going through our options (which were really just Tagaytay and Subic), we decided that a departure from the usual food-centered date would be a good idea–and so the destination was set for Tree Top Adventure in Subic! Since both Greg and I are afraid of heights, it promised to be extra interesting, as the place offers activities like zip lining and rapelling from tree to tree. We went on a Monday so the drive was pretty quick and really pleasant. :)

I have to say: we were really caught off guard by the toll prices. I could have borrowed my tita’s pass thing, but I totally forgot about toll gates. We must have spent around 500 pesos on toll fare alone! Insane, haha. But again, the drive was really nice and it was a beautiful day.

Tree Top Adventure briefing area! There are six individual activities offered, as well as packages that combine the activities for a more sulit price.

We picked package C which includes a hike, a canopy ride, and “superman.” The hike came along with a short survival demo and some informational tidbits about the local flora. The canopy ride is a chill, seated ride that takes you from tree to tree (at one point we were 100 ft. off the ground–or maybe it seemed that way), and the superman ride is sort of like a zip line where you’re harnessed in so that you “fly” horizontally.

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This is Alfred, who taught us how to find water in the forest, make utensils out of bamboo, and how to start a fire also using bamboo. Really nice guy. :) That little piece of bamboo on the bottom left is the cup he made! It now sits on my desk as a souvenir. Greg has the spoon (that doubles as a fork) that he is making in this picture.

FIRE! Once he had all of the tools he needed, it really didn’t take him long to get a flame going. Of the five ways to start a fire, this is the second easiest. The first, of course, being the use of matches or a lighter. Haha.

Here’s Greg right before our canopy ride, being his usual self… a bat of some sort, apparently. Haha!

And here I am on a bridge. Not too far off the ground yet. :)

Horizontal view from the chair.

Vertical view. Eep!

Greg looking terrified. I don’t have any pictures sitting on the canopy ride because Greg refused to let go of the chair and hold the camera. It was hilarious.

In between stations. One of the best things about the trip was the great staff of Tree Top Adventure. At every point in our visit, the staff spoke with us and made us feel safe and at home (if that makes any sense). They were just really nice people and it is so rare to find good service like that. It’s the small details just like those that make one think of recommending a place or returning for a second visit.

Last but not the least: our Superman souvenir picture! I look way too happy, hehe.

All in all it was a good trip. We sort of avoided the more adventurous activities because of our little phobia, but it was a rush anyway. We actually swung from vines ala Tarzan! hihi. It’s always nice to get out of Manila and breathe in some fresh air once in a while. Also, I had no idea that Subic had outlet stores! While looking for a place to eat, we stumbled across a Nike outlet, Adidas outlet, and a Mango outlet. We didn’t end up buying anything, but the Nike sneakers were priced well, as well as the jackets. Maybe next time! There are also some good restaurants in Subic, but we’ll save those for other trips. :)

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