basic artillery

Back to school, back to school. Of course, preparatory shopping and rounding up of the essentials are called for!

School Bag: Red 15″ Cambridge Satchel with an embossed letter M

Permanent Pens & Lots of Highlighters

Plain Notebook– can’t be too pretty, otherwise I won’t end up using it

For just 138php, I guess one can’t expect proper grammar. Read! haha

The Little Things: ID strap from freshman year, sunnies, breath mints, folding fan (indispensable!), sunblock, alcohol, small wallet, and umbrella (bulky, but the weather is just too unpredictable).

Manicured Nails — yes, it’s a must! I look at my fingers while writing and reading very often.

Oh summer, I don’t want to say good bye just yet. One week left!

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