Beauty Bar Steal!


I tried my best not to buy anything while walking around Rockwell last Saturday, but this was just too good of a buy to pass up. Popped into Beauty Bar and checked out their sale items. I know, beauty products on sale sounds a little scary, but as long as it isn’t a damaged item, a mascara, or some really old lotion, I’m open to checking it out. Got myself a Palladio Couture eyeshadow trio in “Shell”:

There are other sets available, including a single pan type with three colors compressed into one circle. I went for the trio of separated colors (since I can’t stand mixed shadows) in neutral colors so that I can use this for everyday make up. The packaging isn’t anything great, but the shadows themselves are of good quality. Items from The Balm were also on sale. I seriously regret not picking up one of the shadows. They have amazing stuff!

A close up of the three colors. They’re actually not as matte as I would like them to be–there’s a slight shimmer that doesn’t show in the photo–but it’s a great substitute to the neutrals I’ve been using and abusing in my UD NAKED palette (Naked and Buck). There’s a mirror included, which is a big plus, but I wouldn’t use that sponge applicator unless I really had to.

See the price? 325.00 php is the original price. So it wasn’t too expensive to begin with at all. After discount, I ended up paying 175.00 php. That. Is. Cheap. Haha! It’s also apparently an “herbal” eyeshadow that has things like Aloe extract, Green tea, and Gingko Bilboa extract. I have extremely sensitive skin and I haven’t had a bad reaction to this, so while I don’t know and can’t say what the benefits of herbal eyeshadows are, I have nothing to say against them. Mineral powders and shadows are an entirely different story–hate those.

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