A Equestrian’s Heaven on Earth (or, El Campeon Farms)

This, is El Campeon. It’s an equestrian stable and it is the most impressive and beautiful one I have ever seen. Manila Polo Club–for all its overpriced fees and snooty members– has nothing on this place. El Campeon is a top-grade facility for both its riders and their horses. It is a huge property and it is privately owned. The man who owns it believes in having the buildings be as unobtrusive to the countryside as possible, so everything looks as natural as it can without sacrificing functionality. Have a look:

With my cousin Jonathan and Uncle Greg in front of the stables. Uncle Greg and his wife, my ninang Gina, are both horse lovers. Uncle Greg stables his horse, Otto, at El Campeon. Too bad the structure is half-covered by trees! Isn’t the red and and white exterior just so classic and pretty? Also note the perfectly mowed lawn.

Inside the stables: the flooring is rubberized, the ceilings are very high, the stalls themselves are huge, and there’s a stereo system installed throughout the barn. I say throughout because this is only one section. There are three other sections, just as large. In the center of the main section (boo, why didn’t I photograph that) there is an Italian chandelier. In another section there is a medical room for routine veterinary examinations that is padded on all four walls and is also fit for emergency operations, should there be a need.

What a view and what an awesome place to go on trail rides!

This is the outdoor arena. There’s a covered bull ring as well for when it’s raining, and another large open space for eventing. What’s cool about the outdoor arena is that the drainage is embedded into the ground, so that it never floods and the flooring is always level.

Cute little sign! This was inside a small cabin.

This is a natural lake, but there’s a man-made stream somewhere on the property, too. You’ll see ducks, bunnies, and other random animals walking about.

Rubber horses made out of old car tires.

An unexpected sight! Kate the ZEDONK! Yup, she’s a cross between a zebra and a donkey! She may look cute but she actually has quite the nasty personality. She kept snapping at me. Haha! The little one behind her is a miniature pony.

And here we are with Ottograph! A bay, standing at 15 hands, he almost reminds me too much of my Empire. Sigh. What a beauty, isn’t he? El Campeon is an olympic training centre. They’ve bred two horses that have competed in the olympics already.

I had such a great time touring the (very private) facility that my Uncle mailed me an El Campeon polo shirt in my favorite color and with my name on it. So thoughtful! Now aside from dreaming of stabling a horse there in my sleep, I can day dream while awake and wearing this shirt. Haha! I love it.

El Campeon has a website, should you like to see more pictures or read more about them. They have a beautiful hay barn with an American flag design on the roof, and you can read about their participating riders for the 2008 Olympics. Sigh, it really is a dream. In case you haven’t gathered, it’s located in America. In a place called Hidden Valley, between LA and Santa Barbara.

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