Christmas Wish List 2011

Wish Lists are incredibly fun to make–and I’d like to think of that as a pretty universal statement, just so that I don’t feel too materialistic (hehe). Of course there’s no better feeling than giving a gift and having it appreciated, but it’s difficult to go Christmas shopping for others without spotting a ton of things you’d like for yourself (which is why by the end of December I am always broke). Here are some of the things that caught my eye this year:

1. Daycraft 2012 Animal Pals Planner. Can you say a-dorable? Adorable! This is not a full-sized notebook, which makes it practical and easy to carry in a bag. Aside from this doggy, the animal-themed collection also has a horse, a baboon, a piggy, and a duck! The doggy and the pig are my favourites. Available at Fully Booked!

2. A Timex Originals watch with a twist! How ironic is that? Haha. I love all of the animal print straps here but my favorites are the python strap with the black face and the zebra strap one! I also want a Camper, but not in black… maybe in orange, because it looks yummy. The baby pink is adorable too!

3. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell: Penguin Threads special edition! Black Beauty is probably one of my favourite books. It’s also one of the few books whose movie I saw before reading the book. The copy I have is old and falling apart, and if I get this one I definitely won’t throw/give it away… but this one is so pretty. And I’d love another excuse to read it again!

More after the jump!

4.  The Once And Future King by T.H. White — shame on me, a huge fan of fantasy, for not having read this before!

5. The Arabian Nights (not a kiddy version)

6. GOLD nail polish! Preferably the chunky glittery type, but smooth gold looks good too! Looks awesome with Christmas red, no?

7. Ray Ban shades. These look pretty damn awesome because of that retro feminine vibe it has going on. I’ve singled out the cream one, but the seafoam green and the tortoise frame variations look lovely as well!

8. THESE! I was once told that they’re called Mac Arthurs, but on the Ray Ban website they’re “Outdoorsmans.” All I know is that I love how there’s a rubberized ear hook. They were obviously made for active use so they’re sure to never fall off. It’s just great to know that your shades are secure, no matter how much you move your head around. Perfect for hectic trips! I think these are top of the list to ask for from my dad, hihi. :]

9. A Michael Kors watch. Hmm, this is probably not Christmas gift material (0ver budget!) but it’s pretty so I posted it. Haha!


10. Anything that means something between me and the giver of the gift. :) Gifts that mean something are always the best! I am an extremely sentimental person, after all.

And that’s it for this year. I still have to think of things to get for my parents, friends, and boyfriend. Thinking of something they both want and need is always difficult but definitely fun.

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