Gold and Sparkly Christmas c/o Lisa Eldridge

Having a hectic week, but I really do feel that Christmas is finally nearing! And I know this because I’ve begun to obsessively think in a Christmas palette–I’m serious, everything in my mind is all about warm reds and greens, glitters and glowing gold, and sparkly, shiny silver. This goes for outfits, nail colors, decorations, and of course, make-up.

Now I always look forward to Lisa Eldridge’s make-up tutorials. She is by far my favourite make-up artist to follow; nobody even comes close. This is her latest video tutorial, which is a really nice and simple gold Christmas look. She always makes it look so easy!

Lisa does a lot of work on celebrities, and one cover look you might have seen that was done by her is Emma Watson’s cover for Elle UK. That photo got bounced around a lot, so I’m almost certain you’ve seen it. Will post that below along with another one of her party looks that was just really nice and polished.

Hope that inspired you as much as it did me! Her bright-lipped looks are also awesome and her “One Lipstick… Many different ways to wear” video is an absolute must-see! Check her out on youtube or at her blog! For now, I will go back to dreaming of Christmas while hopefully also getting some work done on my thesis.

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