Nichido “Girls’ Night Out” Gorgeous Eye Pencil (Review)

When I was in high school, I had a bronze metallic phase. I was just getting into make up at the time, and bronze (not even brown) was the only color I would put onto my lids. I guess I figured that since I am morena (brown-skinned) it would suit me better–which is true. Since then, though, I’ve moved on and discovered many other colors and I set my bronze Sephora-brand liner and shadow down to discover other brands.

Just the other day I was browsing a Watsons branch and this pencil on the Nichido display stand caught my eye. My very first white highlighter pencil was from Nichido and so I knew that the brand was okay. Take note: okay, not great. They do, however, have very reasonably priced items. This eyeliner was only 80 php (just under 2 USD), and the color really reminded me of my old bronze phase. So I picked it up in no. 02: “24k” (obviously, gold). At least technically it’s still something new!

Read on for the review. :)

Cute “Girls’ Night Out” text with a kiss mark!

The Gorgeous Eye Pencil looks classy, sturdy, and has a well thought-out design. It’s fun and functional at the same time with the clear covers on both ends over the pencil tip and the smudger.

On one end of the pencil is the golden liner tip. The liner itself was so much smoother than I expected it to be! I was very pleasantly surprised. This will not hurt your lids at all. I did have a hard time getting it on to my lower lid, though. Maybe warming it up a little bit will fix that problem.

On the other end, there is a smudger. I don’t particularly think that smudgers are very useful things… this one is made of pretty hard rubber and doesn’t do its job very well at all. Instead of smudging, it kind of takes off the liner instead. I would recommend forgetting that this exists and using your finger instead. Or else don’t use this as a shadow– there are a ton of shadow shades just like this out there.

Here’s the Nichido pencil next to the Sephora bronze liner electro that I was so obsessed with before. It’s very rare now that I pick it up, though.

Swatches! Right: Nichido. Left: Sephora.

The Nichido eyeliner is much brighter than the copper Sephora shade, but I wish it was even more gold than that. This is sort of a yellow-orange gold, and I would prefer a bright yellow gold. But hey, for 80php, I won’t complain too much. It’s still really soft and pretty! Don’t expect this to be water proof though, because it is not. Carefully apply it to the upper lid and it will stay in place if you don’t rub your eyes. I think Sephora has phased out this liner electro line, but now they have a new set of metallics. Their gold looks much brighter. But at 7x the price (at least) of the Nichido liner, it is much more expensive (not to mention difficult to get from the Philippines). So if you don’t plan on using the shade very often, go for a Nichido liner– or 7 of them. And if you’re after quality, I would suggest Urband Decay –yup, not even Sephora. Haha!

Overall Score: 7/10

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