My UNII Palette

A couple of months ago I ordered a UNII palette from the US and it has proved to be extremely useful. The UNII palette is essentially a customizable make-up palette, much like the Z Palette except that the UNII palette is made of a sturdy plastic instead of cardboard.

Here she is! I ordered mine in Pomegranate because the black and white were out of stock and it was the closest to red they had. I actually like the color much more than I expected. The palette feels sturdy and is really pretty, too. It’s certainly much better than some original packaging out there, and it makes a lot of sense to be able to have shadows/powders from different brands together in one place.

The palette is a good size (approximately 3 x 6 inches) and it includes a full mirror, a metal plate, a rubber gripper, and a strip of adhesive-magnets (for the bottoms of your refill pans). UNII cosmetics has since come out with a new design which does not have a metal plate and magnet strip. Instead it has the magnet inside the palette and the rubber gasket which you can see on my UNII is no longer removable. A minor change is that the rubber gripper is much cuter in the new palette. A not-so minor change is that the colors available are now much cuter! You can check those out at their website: But for now, let me show you what I did with mine!

These are the shadows that I chose to place in my UNII palette. It’s obviously a neutrals palette, but with this combination I can make both a natural day look and a heavier evening look if I want to. That space below the bottom row of shadows can fit (and it usually does hold) an eyeliner. With that, I’m all set. This has travelled me once and it definitely beats bringing many single shadows or one pre-made palette that may limit you to a certain look. I prefer this even to my Urban Decay NAKED palette, which only makes sense, because these shades are tried and tested by me for use on me. The shadows/powders are namely:

Top Row: Dior random powder – The Balm “Devilish Danielle” – The Balm “Mischievous Marissa” – The Balm “Insane Jane”

Bottom Row: Shu Uemura M 851: “Soft Brown” – Shu Uemura M 860 “BXH2271” – Shu Uemura Bronze – Shu Uemura IR 900Y “BXH 1408” – Laura Mercier “American Coffee” 

The Dior powder is a general highlighter. The theBalm shadows are my favorites from my “Shady Lady” palette (yes, I ripped them out)– Mischievous Marissa gives me a lovely, peachy glow and Insane Jane just makes my eyes pop. The Shu matte soft brown is my perfect lid shadow, while the deep brown to its right is the most amazing brown I have ever come across. I usually use that in the crease of my eye and I only need the tiniest bit to create the most dramatic effect… combined with that bronze, the effect is just amazing. For everyday looks, I use the LM American Coffee on my crease. Also, notice how the Shu shadow on the far left of the bottom row is slightly thinner than the others? Shu Uemura has started producing their shadows in Korea instead of Japan (I was thinking maybe the factory was affected by the recent natural disaster?) and has downsized their eyeshadows. It isn’t very obvious when you buy the single eyeshadows in their new packaging, but it’s definitely noticeable when you place the pans side by side. I only have two that are very recently purchased and I haven’t noticed any compromise in quality which is great, of course, but the downsize is definitely a bummer. Anyway, the other two shadows that I haven’t mentioned (Devilish Danielle and the Shu Gold) are highlighters for me. They are amazing just like all the other shadows in my UNII.

Putting my palette together was a ton of fun, which I did expect since I love my make-up (hehe). One down side to the UNII might be removing single shadows from their already beautiful original containers. In this case though, there wasn’t any particular casing that I really wanted to hold on to. It’s a good way to customize to your own needs, as make-up really is something as personal as jewelry– only you really know what you like best. I might want another UNII palette in the future for powders or even a collection of brighter eye shadows, but I’m still not too sure. For now, I’m perfectly happy with the one UNII that I own and have come to love.

Again, you can check out UNII cosmetics here and have a look at that adorable honeysuckle palette! They’re now going for 26 USD (usually 29) which is a holiday price, I think.

3 responses to My UNII Palette

  1. Kat

    Hey Mariana! Came across your blog via Frances’ Topaz Horizon. She’s right, you’re a great writer. Love your beauty product reviews especially. I was debating whether to get a Clinique Chubby Stick, but will now probably get Revlon, on the basis of your review. :)

    If you don’t mind me asking, how do you have your online purchases shipped? I want to buy a few things online, but have heard horror stories of all the taxes you get once the package gets to Pinas shores, even if it’s supposed to be door-to-door. If you have any tips how how to go about it, would really appreciate it!



    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Kat! Glad my reviews were helpful! :)

      Ordering things online from abroad is tricky and frustrating. I’ve never had a problem with door-to-door services (except that they’re more expensive, which is a “problem” haha), but when packages pass through the post office the fees are almost unavoidable. Some tips from my experience:

      1. Ship to relatives in the US and wait for them to come home, if possible. That’s how I got my UNII palette–it happened to be around Christmas time and my cousin was coming home.

      2. If you can, pay for the door-to-door service. But again, it’s often so expensive!

      3. Use a balikbayan box service for BIG orders (books, clothes) OR have someone like Suyen from manage smaller items for you. She orders in bulk for many people so even though she has a handling fee, it won’t be too bad. There are “delivery batches” so the down side to this is you will have to wait, BUT once the items get here they will be handled by local couriers that deliver straight to your doorstep. This is my preferred method.

      The options so far are ways to avoid the local post office, but SOMETIMES it’s okay to have items go through them. Just make sure that you…

      4. Order really small items. I ordered one lipstick from once and on another occasion had two eyeshadows from Limecrime shipped and I only had to pay the 40.00php handling fee. Once you have larger packages with clothes come in, then the crazy taxing begins!

      5. Scour for local online shops that stock imported makeup items. My fave is

      I answered this with makeup in mind, so if you’re thinking about other things like appliances I haven’t much to say about that unfortunately. It’s still best to look for local options I think. Hope this was a little helpful! It’s SO frustrating to order from abroad, but if you’re bordering on obsessed (which I think I might be when it comes to makeup), there is always a way! haha

      p.s. I’ve read your blog before! :) I looove your style!

      • Kat

        Super thanks for these tips, yes they’re very helpful! Galeng! I’ve been meaning to ship using Johnny Air, but I’ll try Suyen’s as well.

        Thanks for reading my blog! Will link up yours with mine! :)

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