I was glad to say goodbye to 2011 on New Year’s Eve with my family. This was our view of Makati (from high up in a condo in the Fort) as we welcomed 2012. Isn’t it pretty (albeit smoggy)? :) I’m quite proud of this shot– took it myself using my Lumix LX5’s long exposure function thing. Anyone who knows me knows that I am no techie, so I was surprised that this came out so well. *Pats self on back* We had tons of baby oranges and grapes just after midnight (for money/luck) but of course the first thing I shoved into my mouth in 2012 was a chocolate cake… realized that after the fact, of course. Haha.

2012 looks to be a good year and although it is cliche, I’ll be just like everyone else and kick it off with some resolutions. Going to keep this short and simple and hopefully that will keep me focused.

1. Be more positive (about everything in general) and pleasant (to others)

2. Spend less / Save more

3. Write

4. Be more assertive

5. Kill those bad habits (biting my nails and procrastinating to be specific)

And that’s it for now! This is also the year that I will pass my senior thesis which happens to be incredibly close to my heart. It will be done by late February– I seriously feel like I am expecting a child and that makes me so nervous that I shy from talking about it too much. Hahaha.


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