Some humor c/o my younger self

One of the first book reports I ever wrote was on a children’s version of H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man.” The real first one was on “Charlotte’s Web” which I did a year before… the report was pretty much my answering guide questions provided by the teacher. For my Invisible Man paper I was given much more room for my own personal opinion. I made it pretty clear that I disliked the novel, even recommending it to readers who would like to put themselves to sleep. Haha. Of all the trying-to-be-witty lines (and there were many), my favourite line by far is this: 

“The Invisible Man is a fiction book. I know this because I know that no one in the world has turned his or herself invisible yet.”

Oh, my 11 year-old self, you were such a little smart ass. Hahaha. But hey, I actually received an E (equivalent of an A) for this! My English teacher was the sweetest. :) 

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