What’s in Pandora’s Box?

If you’re thinking of the Greek myth, then you know that Pandora’s box had contained all of the evils of the world before Pandora’s curiosity got the best of her and she let them escape into the world, leaving only hope remaining at the bottom of the box—an inevitable event, according to Zeus, who didn’t bother to punish Pandora because he saw it coming all along. But that’s not the Pandora we’re talking about. Not here, at least.

For my birthday (half month ago now), Greggy and I had dinner at Bistecca. Before the (awesome) food arrived, Greg gave me my birthday gift in a pretty pink package. :) Plus a letter too, but that’s for me!

I kinda knew what it was already because Greg was carrying the paper bag from the store, but that didn’t take away from the happy feeling I got when I unwrapped my very own “Pandora’s box” and saw this:

A Pandora charm bracelet! :) Eeee, isn’t it so pretty?? For those who aren’t familiar, Pandora is a brand that offers “base bracelets” in silver, gold, and leather options, to which you can add different charms over time. As you can see, Greg already started me off with an “M.” :) The idea is that you add a charm for every meaningful event in your life (or whenever you like, I guess). Here are some examples of filled bracelets:

You could go with a color theme! This purple one is pretty and the color tends to look good on any skin tone… but I would personally keep mine slightly more natural or maybe a little pink because I’m a valentine baby.

You could also mix metals, which is what I plan to do slowly! :) I will definitely have pearls too, because I looove pearls. Check out the dangling one in this photo! And here are some other charms that I think are lovely:

Princess carriage with a gold crown and pearl on top.

A chubby horsie! A must-have for me because my love affair with horses goes way back and will never ever fade.

There are SO many charms to choose from and Pandora adds to the collection regularly too. On the website, you can even design a bracelet and imagine how you want yours to look before purchasing the actual charms. I love the idea of a super customizable, good quality charm bracelet—buying ones that are ready-made just don’t make sense to me. What makes mine extra special now is that even without many charms on it (yet) it’s already full of meaning because it comes from my dear boyfriend. Thank you, Greggy. :) I love looking down at my wrist and thinking of you when I see this. ♥

On a side note, I find it kind of funny that the company is named Pandora. I mean, when I think of the Greek myth, I first think of the silly girl and all the evils that she released. I suppose they would want you to think of the hope that remains instead? Or it could be a deliberate reference to the evils, suggesting that purchasing a bracelet opens the door to spending tons on more charms, reinforcing consumerist culture —but that would just be so negative. Haha! I’m kidding, I know that they probably associate the name with a feeling of irresistible enticement, in which case it is rather fitting, I admit. I know I can’t resist it!

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