the Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print after 244 years, leaving the 2010 edition as its last.

… do you, like me, remember leafing through those humungous books at the library as a child?

… do you remember learning short but complete histories of just about anything from those monstrous volumes filled with knowledge? 


I guess I’m being a bit overdramatic here. They do still have an online edition, and there are other encyclopedia sets still out there, but I felt like this was a blow at the publishing industry in general.

Who wants to make their way all the way to the library to lug a huge book around when all the information you need is at the tip of your fingers in your cellphone? I guess I do. Sometimes, at least.

Even if one of my professors used to joke that Wikipedia is actually becoming acceptable as a source (read: it is a joke), my entire being is repulsed by the thought that some people actually think that is true. And I am aware that it is that mindset that threatens to hold me back in an age wherein everyone progresses swiftly by means of the internet, leaving me stubbornly holding on to the past— as I will continue to do, to some extent. 

That was sad news. 

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