Rarely do I ever stray from my Jergens Ultra Healing body lotion, but I thought the Vaseline total moisture Cocoa Glow looked perfect for summer. I imagined the lotion itself would be coloured to impart a soft glow/tan, but it’s the typical white color that most body lotions are. That was a tiny bit of a disappointment, but it does also mean that I can use it at night without fear of it staining my sheets. It’s not a surface tanner. Instead it’s meant to nourish though 3 layers of skin to bring out that natural glow. Obviously cocoa butter is a part of the ingredients list, and because of that this lotion smells amazing. I’m also not one to usually go for scented body lotions (because my skin is so sensitive), but this hasn’t caused me any problems. It’s definitely better than Vaseline’s original scent—I loathe the smell of that stuff. Overall I am a happy, pleasantly-cocoa-scented, well-moisturized customer. :) I would recommend this for summer use, especially since using perfumes on hot days can be unpleasant. On top of moisturizing, the Vaseline Cocoa Glow lotion covers that too. :)

*Photo lifted from istribawel.com 

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