Packing Popcorn & A Pop of Purple!

I love receiving packages in the mail. Opening them always makes me feel as though it’s Christmas (but less dressed up—and the item was purchased by me, for me haha).

Today this little treat from arrived, wrapped in purple paper and nestled in some packing popcorn. Based on the shape and the website you may be able to guess what it is… but read on if you’d like to see photos!

It’s the YSL Rouge Volupte in #12 Forbidden Burgundy! :D AHH! Yay! I had been wanting to try a “high-er end” lipstick (like a Chanel, YSL, Dior, or even Tom Ford) for a long time, and this is the very first that I own that falls under that category. I’m not even going to apologize for being so excessively happy over something so seemingly frivolous as a lipstick… because it’s YSL. Hello.

The second I picked it up I could feel the quality in the weight of the product. After opening the gold box, I was greeted by this beautiful tube of lipstick, decorated with the brand’s logo backed by a hint of the color inside. Just holding this thing makes me feel more womanly, if that makes sense. Haha!

The color, “Forbidden Burgundy” is what I chose from a very limited selection. I got this at a discounted price (because I could not get myself to shell out $32 for something I was not too sure about) and it was probably discounted because of the color itself as, in theory, Burgundy shades are not too popular. I personally think it will be great for the later months of the year, moving into the holidays—which is the closest we have to Fall in the Philippines.

I was expecting the color to be more brown-based, but in my experience brown-based lippies show up very pink on my skin, as you can see in the swatch above. The texture of Rouge Volupte is very smooth and it feels very light on my lips. Color pay-off is fantastic for such a light formula and it smells of fruit—something like a watermelon, I would say. Yummy! Might do a full review on this soon with a picture of me wearing the shade, but I’ll probably wait for a night out so that I can make full use of the color! :)

Overall I am very happy with this purchase. I ended up paying less than what a regular MAC lipstick sells for (in the US), which makes for a pretty big discount. Now I know that the YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick is something that I would like to try in another color. Still going to wait until I can shop for it at a Duty Free while I travel, though, just to avoid taxes  and import fees.

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