Make-Up Basic: MUFE Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in 0L

Whether you’re just starting to use make-up or even if you’ve been at it for ages, no one can go wrong with the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in 0L (matte black). Seriously. It’s like that little black dress or the perfect pair of pumps that we all have in our closets. It’s matte, it doesn’t budge, and it’s totally opaque. It can be understated and quiet but it can also be bold and dramatic. It’s pretty much flawless.


Now I have always been a pencil liner type of girl— meaning that I prefer this medium over gel liners or liquid liners. Granted, the latter two have their own time, place, and effect, but I will always go back to this. It’s the easiest to apply, it travels really well, and it won’t dry out. It sharpens easily (though that depends in part on your sharpener) and the cover stays on nice and tight.


0L is MUFE’s matte black shade. In the range it’s followed by 1L which is a gunmetal grey and 2L which is a soft brown. They have tons of bright colors too, but all I have are 0L and 2L. Why? Because this little bugger doesn’t come cheap. Locally you can get this for 980.00 php. They are a little cheaper in Singapore and the U.S. but I’m not exactly sure by how much. For brighter, funkier eyeliner colors, I opt for lower end brands since I won’t be using them too often.


But like I said earlier, you just can’t go wrong with black. So if you’re going to get something that’s an investment, make it something you know you’ll love and use. :) I just bought a new one so this is the tip without it having been used before. I unfortunately didn’t get to finish my old one up… I lost it. It was really close to the bottom though!


Swatched on my arm. One swipe.

If I ever have a little extra cash lying around (but who does these days?) I would buy myself 23L Champagne because it looks so lovely and soft. For now though I’m just happy to have this old reliable back in my make-up drawer. :)

Other products I have by MUFE are their HD foundation, HD blush, and full cover concealer. Happy with each one (most especially the foundation) and would repurchase again and again. :)

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