Puppy Love: Max and Mila

[*Note: This was originally written/published on Feb 9, 2012 for my tumblr blog.]

A couple of days ago the security guards in our village spotted a dog roaming around, moving in and out of the village, obviously very lost. They took her in, called all of the residents asking if anyone was missing a dog, but no luck. For a while they kept the dog at the entrance to our village, but the board-members of the association complained that “it didn’t look good” so yesterday Max (my retriever), one of our helpers, and I picked her up and took her home.


We’ve been calling her Mila— my maid originally wanted to call her Milo, but we noticed that she was a girl so… Mila it was. Haha! Very creative, I know. :) Take a look at her eyes. She isn’t the best-looking dog objectively speaking (she’s not a pure breed for sure) but you can always tell a dog by their eyes. Mila (who I really shouldn’t get attached to) is so sweet and trusting, which only affirms our belief that she has a loving home somewhere. Well-loved dogs are always the most secure and trusting. :)

Anyway we took her home and my biggest concern was introducing her to my Golden Retriever, Max. Max is the most spoiled, sheltered, loved to very last bitsiest bits of his bones dog EVER. I’m not kidding. He’s not really used to sharing his space and not being number one (which he will always be, no chance of that being threatened!). I was worried that although he is loving and sweet dog towards humans, he might not get on very well with another dog. Thankfully my fears were totally unfounded (I was just being an overprotective mom I guess) and Max and Mila hit it off straight away—they more than hit it off, actually.


My sweet baby boy Max went googly-eyed. Since Mila is not even a year old and Max is not even three, it was literally puppy love. Awwwww. :) As amusing as that was I was slightly confused about what I should do. I have never ever had a female dog, so we took her to the vet and found out that she’s in heat (and healthy too, btw). Terrible timing considering how much it makes Max tense (atat!) and it would be unhealthy for such a young female to become pregnant. So in love as they are, we’ve had to keep them separated.


This is a photo of Max staring at Mila. Intense.

Of course we don’t plan to keep her. We’re hoping her owner will come looking for her, and if they don’t we will adopt her out.


I posted this on Facebook earlier tonight and I will print out some copies to post at the Veterinarian’s office and around the village. I really hope either the owners see this or we find a good new home for her (I’ve already had offers but one of my friends asked first and she gets priority). All I keep thinking is that if Max ever got lost, I would only want whoever found him to do the same for him/us.

Too bad Maxy won’t be able to hold on to his first love. Oh well, whatever is best for the both of them! :) I love dogs.


Mila was with us for nearly two weeks before her owners spotted the fliers we scattered around our area. Her real name is Kimmy and her owners said she often bolts out of the gate when they open it for the car to roll out of the driveway. I’m happy that she’s back home with her family and I hope she doesn’t wander off again! Many thanks to those who helped spread the word. :)

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