Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation – Match System & Drool-Fest

I first heard about the UD NAKED Skin foundation on YouTube as I was watching some coverage of IMATS in LA. The range of 18 shades was laid out at the UD booth, looking shiny and fabulous. I knew I had to have it. Not necessarily immediately, but eventually at least. Just look at it:

The main problem is that Urban Decay is not available in Manila. That’s easily remedied by generous relatives and friends from abroad who are willing to bring home a few goodies for you once in a while. So the next top problem would inevitably be shade selection. Buying foundation based on a few photos and swatches off other blogs doesn’t exactly seem too smart. Good thing the Urban Decay website has been extremely helpful in solving that problem! Using the  “Find your shade” tool, I pinpointed the exact shade out of the 18 that will suit me best!

Read on to see how it works!

You could choose to click the right arrow and go straight on to the Shade Finder, but there’s also the “Switch” option, which uses shades from existing foundation lines that you might already be using to find an equivalent for you. I went with that first because I know I have a perfect foundation shade match in my Make Up For Ever HD foundation.

I selected the MUFE foundation in the first dropdown menu, and then entered my shade — 123— using the second drop down menu. The other brands/products to choose from are the MAC Studio Fix shades, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer shades, and Lancome Idole foundation, to name some of the more common brands. This process ended up recommending that I use shade 5.0 in the UD range, which is a warm shade. You’ll see how the range works better if you use the Shade Finder. I did this just to double-check!

Here we have the range laid out for us, with photos of women with various skin colors/tones to help. There is the option to filter the choices by undertone provided on the lower left of the page. You’ll notice that in the number system, shades ending in .5 are the COOL toned shades, and those ending in .0 are the WARM shades. In the above photo I’ve selected cool shades. As you can see, the description for shade 6.5 is “medium neutral shade, pink undertone.” That’s definitely not me! I’ve used a foundation with pink tones in it before (by mistake) and I just looked like a mess!

Now here are the warm shades, and you can tell even just by looking at the photos that these .0 shades really are much more suitable to warm-skinned women. Highlighted is shade 5.0, which is a “medium shade, slight golden undertone.” That, in my experience, sounds just about right in describing my skin color and undertone (though sometimes I lean olive). Plus, the girl in the photo has a skin shade that looks like mine. I could probably use 6.0 when I’m tan actually, but since this is exactly the equivalent of my MUFE shade, I’ll go with it!

And there you have it! Such an easy match system, and I had fun doing it too. As you can see above, this foundation sells for $38.00 which is still close to the 40 dollar mark that most high-end foundations hover around, but it seems pretty reasonable for 30mL of product, plus pretty packaging. I can’t wait to get my hands on this foundation and do a review comparing it to MUFE HD!

What are your “Holy Grail” foundations? Would you depart from them to give this a try? :)

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