Healthy (Hair) Options!

Made a trip to Healthy Options (love that store!) this afternoon in search of sulfate-free shampoo. I had a Keratin treatment done on Saturday and my stylist said that I should avoid shampoos with sulfate in the ingredients list–which means avoiding almost every shampoo out there. Sulfate is an ingredient that helps remove excess oils from your hair, and there are 5 common types of sulfate used in shampoo, all varying in strength. Nothing wrong with removing oil from your hair– but having just had keratin infused into my hair, shampoos with sulfate would only take away the effects of the treatment sooner.

Nature’s Gate was the ONLY brand that explicitly said on the label: “sulfate free” so I went with it! They were 215.00php each for the shampoo and the conditioner, and though there were a lot of variants, I chose “awapuhi” because it’s supposed to add volume to your hair (also admittedly because “awapuhi” sounds fun).  Threw in some pure Tea Tree oil for when I get break-outs and some fruit leather too! The fruit leather was gone before I even got home. Yummy. :}

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