The Cuzo Anne Satchel: She’s a (Blue) Beauty!

Like what you see? Can you believe it’s from a local brand? Well me too and neither could I! Haha. This is my newest baby: a deep blue satchel made of stamped genuine leather. I had been on the hunt for a bright blue bag for the longest time, and while this one isn’t as blue as it comes off in the photo (in dim lighting it even looks almost black) I still like it a lot. And yes, I did say it comes from a local brand: Cuzo. 

I came across Cuzo’s products while reading through Topaz Horizon, a blog run by Frances Sales, an editor of an entertainment magazine. She had purchased one of their nylon bags and was thinking of getting a leather one too since the quality of the one she purchased was so good. The bag I chose to get is called the Anne Satchel, and it comes in four different colors: blue, green, maroon, and toffee. The maroon one looks fantastic and it was a tough choice between it and the blue–but I decided that since I never go for blue, it would be a good change.

The Anne Satchel is currently on sale at 2,250.00 Php (originally 2,850.00 Php). That’s roughly 54 USD, which is not bad at all for a bag made of real leather. :) I even got 100php off by using a promo code that Topaz Horizon provided, yay!

I’m really glad that local brands are improving quality-wise by leaps and bounds lately. I love when I am satisfied with a local product and I am always happy to support brands like Cuzo, which sell products that are proudly Filipino made.

To see more pictures of my Anne Satchel, read on! :)

Close up of the stamped leather. The bag measures 17cm x 27cm x 8cm and is much more roomy inside than it looks to be! I have a 15″ Cambridge Satchel (a picture of which I will add at the end of this entry) and it disappointed me because I wanted to use it as a school bag but it can’t hold a ton, even if it is the largest size. This Anne Satchel is much smaller and more for casual days out, but I feel like I can squeeze a good amount of stuff in there.

Brass hardware. The buckles are for aesthetic purposes only, since the bag actually has a magnetic closure, which is far more practical than having to buckle and unbuckle the straps every time you  use your bag. The magnets are strong, too! I almost have a difficult time opening this up with one hand, which is great cause potential pickpockets will find it difficult as well. The stitching also seems to be done very well, there being no asymmetry or visible flaws. Really great craftsmanship here, I would say!

There is an outer pocket which easily fits an iPhone and then some. It’s not in the photo, but there is an interior pocket as well, which is great for cash, your keys, or some scraps of paper (if you take notes with a pen + paper, like I do). The main compartment itself is nice and spacious, and because it’s a satchel it holds its shape well. No need to worry about squishing anything in there… though I don’t know what you would possibly be squishing. Haha! And lastly, as you can see on the upturned flap, the bag has a lining! This is another thing that the Cambridge Satchel does not have. The lining of the Anne Satchel is a natural-fibre-looking fabric (linen, perhaps?). Forgive me, I don’t know my fabrics very well. Hehe. 

I also only have good things to say about the service of Cuzo’s website. I ordered this just past 12 midnight (lol, late night online shopping–what a vice!) and they delivered it to me by the next afternoon. The payment method I opted for was cash on delivery. So convenient for those who may not have credit cards or want to avoid bank deposits (those always make me feel uneasy).

As promised, here’s a photo of my beloved candy apple red 15″ Cambridge Satchel, with the lette “M” blind embossed onto the flap. Despite its many flaws, I still adore this bag. Red is my absolute favourite color and in the two years since I acquired this, I haven’t gotten over the mega cute preppy look, even if most everyone seems to have one of these nowadays. Now that I think of it, the Cuzo satchel is my third satchel already, which is so funny because they are definitely not my day-to-day bags even though I do like the shape a lot. 

In summary, I am very happy with my Cuzo satchel. It makes a good addition to my little bag collection, as it is one of very few blue things in my closet. My mom liked it a lot too, since she’s the one who usually goes for blue things while I stick to reds and pinks. I do recommend you check out the Cuzo website, as their nylon and fabric bags look really nice too! In the accessories page, there is even a micro satchel! It’s absolutely adorable and I may very well be adding it to my cart soon…

What do you guys think about satchels? :)

4 responses to The Cuzo Anne Satchel: She’s a (Blue) Beauty!

  1. What a great review! Makes me want to buy it! But I already have had my fill of satchels (I used to sell them) so… still choosing what Cuzo bag to get!

    • Mariana – Author

      Yes I saw your satchels! Too bad that didn’t work out, they were lovely. :) The Cuzo hobo looks nice and practical. :) Thanks for writing about them :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Thank you and thank youuu! I am a frustrated poet, hehe. :) And yay, a new blog to add to my bookmarks bar!

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