Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit — Review

Good, professional-quality make up brushes are more often than not on the pricey side. You can easily spend $100 on a face brush from Shu Uemura or MAC cosmetics. Make up brushes are most definitely investment-worthy items though, and I would caution anybody against buying very cheap brushes because while there are the rare exceptions out there, cheap brushes tend to only make your work harder. Thankfully there are companies like Sigma Beauty which, when it comes down it it, offers very reasonably priced products. If you’re unwilling or unable to shell out big bucks for a single makeup brush, I highly recommend checking out the Sigma brush kits.

After first trying out the F84 (synthetic angled top kabuki) and loving it a ton, I decided to order the Simga Eyes Kit, which is a bundle of seven essential makeup brushes that you need when creating a look for your eyes. I ordered it directly off their website since they ship internationally and the box arrived around two weeks after I placed the order. They came in this cute box with a card and brochure filled with information about the brushes and the company.

And here are the seven brushes that you get in the kit! Sigma brushes have long, glossy, black handles with the names of the brushes printed onto them in silver text. They definitely have that professional feel to them because of their very simple design. If you don’t like your brushes black (which is boring to some, I would imagine), Sigma also has a lot of brush sets that come in many different colors! But if you’re interested in a review of this particular kit, read on! :) 

Close-up of the brush heads. Except for the black-haired blending brush and the two liner brushes, they are made of natural hairs. This kit is put together pretty well. It sells for $52.00 which puts each brush at around $7.00 if divided equally–a very reasonable price, considering that one MAC 217 is $22.00 on its own. I’m not saying that the 217 isn’t worth it (I love that brush!) but if we’re talking about value for money, this Sigma Eyes Kit stands pretty strong.

Below I will discuss each brush briefly (left to right), giving my personal opinion of their performance and quality. I’ve taken the descriptions of the individual brushes off of the Sigma website and each brush name will link you to the individual brush since they can all be purchased individually, too.

E60 – Large Shader: “Uniformly cover the whole lid with product. Apply cream shadow base or cream shadow for quick and even coverage.” This brush is pretty large– It covers most of my lid with one sweeping motion. It’s not my favourite since I don’t use cream shadows very often, but it can also be used to pack on powder shadows with a patting motion. The bristles are soft and this has not shed a single hair in washing.

E70 – Medium Angled Shading: “Soft application of color. Use for brow highlighting or to blend the crease.” This brush is so incredibly soft. It’s one of those brushes that you just want to touch again and again because it’s so soft, and that’s something you usually say about larger brushes. That said, the E-70 performs nicely as an eye brush and the angle is perfect for having it sit in the crease so that you can blend into that area. As suggested it can also be used on the brow bone for highlight.

E40 – Tapered: “Blending Soft blended crease. Using just the tips to apply color, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish.” At first I thought that I would not like this brush, mainly because it’s made of synthetic fibers and it does not look tapered at all. But it turns out that this is the perfect blending brush–it might not be ideal for product application because the end of it is so fat that your shadow can go all over the place, but it can blur lines and help you create a perfect smoked-out look. I have reached for this brush every singe day since I got it, using it to create a well-blended shadow in my crease.

E55 – Eye Shading: “Even application of color. Place color across the whole lid for an even and strong application of product.” Everyone should own a brush like this. It reminds me of the MAC 239, which I don’t own but have always wanted to. The Sigma E-55 has dense and short hairs, making it easy to pack on color onto the eyelids with precision. If you’re doing a look with only a single eyeshadow, this can work both to apply and blend out the shadow.

E30 – Pencil: “Soften and smoke out lines. Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner corner of the eyes.” This detail brush is my favourite brush of all in this kit. It has such a specific use, but I find it indispensable. I use it only on the bottom lash line and it is perfect for that purpose because it it so soft (won’t poke into your eyes) and so precise because of its shape. Placing a soft line of brown shadow in your lower lash line helps to create the appearance of larger eyes, by the way.

E65 – Small Angle: Create precise lining. Moves fluidly and easily across the upper and lower lash lines. Use with gel, cream or powder products.” I use this with my Maybelline gel eyeliner and it draws a very thick line, even if I use it flat against my lash line. I still prefer to use the brush that came with my gel eyeliner, so while it’s nice to have two brushes that I can use with my gel liner, I’m still not sure how I feel about this brush. I wish it were made of natural hairs instead of synthetic hair. Even though I already own a MAC 266, another angled brush for powder shadows would be nice. This is my least favourite brush in the kit.

E05 – Eye Liner: “Create smooth and even lines. Use with gel or liquid liners.” This brush is much better than the E65 in my opinion, since you can create much more precise lines with it. It’s a very basic liner brush and everyone should own something like it especially if you use gel or liquid liners a lot.

Overall, I am very happy with the Sigma Eyes Kit. I find myself reaching for these brushes very often, even if I already have some other brushes that perform similar or identical functions. It’s something that I highly recommend if you are just starting out with make up because once you start using makeup, it’s not usually something you stop doing. I don’t mean to say that women need to wear makeup everyday, but it’s a skill we refine over the years for sure, which is why brushes should be an investment as opposed to an impulse-buy. If you clean and care for your brushes well, they can last well over 20 years (some would even say a lifetime).

The quality of Sigma’s brushes has continually impressed me and I would love to try more of their products. They offer so many options–even fully  synthetic brushes for those who don’t appreciate the use of animal hairs. They do also sell eyeshadow palettes, which I have heard decent things about, but their main products are still makeup brushes.

Sigma brushes are available on their official website. They will ship internationally for a price. :)

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