“Wash your hands!”

… was never really something I had to be told twice, even as a kid. I’ve always been rather conscious of personal hygiene and having a neat appearance. When I was in grade school, I would leave home with neatly combed hair and a fresh uniform and I would arrive home after a full day with neatly combed hair and a fresh-looking uniform, even if I had been out playing. So yes, I did still play out in the sun and do regular kiddy things, but I would always make sure to clean up afterwards.

The only soap that I trust 100% is Safeguard. I don’t feel like I’ve killed all the germs on my hands unless I use it. The Eucalyptus scented one is my fave because it’s green (in my mind, green = clean) and it smells nice and fresh and not artificial at all. If and when I’m not at home, I carry a pack of hand or baby wipes with me at all times. I prefer wipes over gel hand sanitizers because I don’t like the idea of just killing the germs on your hands and not being able to rinse them off. Wipes just seem more thorough to me, plus they aren’t bulky. Med Guard is my favourite brand for wipes, but Kleenex and Jhonson’s Baby wipes are pretty good too!

After all that washing (and I do wash my hands all the time– I’m actually headed for the bathroom more often with the intent to wash and not to use the toilet) my hands need moisture! At home I use Oilatum Cream and in my bag I keep a L’Occitane hand cream. I’ve always used the regular shea butter kind from L’Occitane but I’m eyeing the green tea one for when I run out of this tube!

Never underestimate the importance of having clean hands. It’s very important to avoid touching your face (eyes and lips in particular) if you haven’t had a chance to wash your hands–the kinds of bacteria they can pick up are just crazy. This is one thing I would actually encourage being anal-retentive about. haha

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