Review: Milani Baked Blush in “Fantastico Mauve”

Milani Baked Blushes have been around for a while, but as always it’s a lot more difficult to get your hands on certain products if you live in Manila. These have been available on digitaltraincase for a while now, but I never really gave them much thought because I’ve never been a fan of baked eyeshadows and blushes. Recently though they went on a tiny discount (down to 370.00php from 400.oophp) so I thought why not! The reviews are pretty good and they look really pretty, too.Choosing a shade wasn’t difficult–Fantastico Mauve looked like a crazy purple in photos and I had been looking for a purple-toned blush anyway. Another shade called Berry Amore was also purpley, but I saw the craziness of Fantastico Mauve and choosing it just felt right. When I finally set my eyes on the color as it lay in front of me, I knew I made the right decision. I probably overreacted over a blush (a bit!) but it made my eyes go wide and I was giddy for a good 15 minutes after receiving it! It does look a bit like the MAC mineralize blushes [see photo above: the one on the right is MAC “Stratus”]  but it’s even prettier. I did check out the MAC Heavenly Creatures collection in stores and I thought they looked nice, but not anything spectacular.

Milani’s Fantastico Mauve on the other hand is pretty darn amazing, which is why this post is photo-heavy. It felt like I was working with a model who got pretty much every pose right, except for…

The packaging– HIDEOUS. It does nothing for the blush, but I guess you can’t be too picky when it comes to drugstore brand packaging. This was very cheap and I still adore the product anyway. Other than that gold chrome, the shape is pretty okay. Feels sturdy enough and it’s a practical case.
Ahh, shiny shiny prettiness! Fantastico Mauve is a mix of purple, bright fuchsia, gold veining, and some white splattery stuff. It’s dome-shaped since it’s a baked product, which always looks very cool. It does have a good amount of glitter in it, so if you’re not into that this might not be for you.
The powder is soft and extremely pigmented.There’s absolutely no chalkiness in this product and I found it was easy to blend out. I assume each blush will be slightly different because of the amount of veining (?). I’ve seen photos of this blush with more white running through it than in mine, for example.
The blush part of the compact flips up to revel a mirror and a small brush. The mirror may come in handy but the brush is something you could probably get rid of. It was a bit softer than the usual free brushes that come in compacts, I’ll give it that, but I still would not use this as my preferred application tool.
Another close-up shot of the beautiful blush. You can see a section of gold catching the light on the lower right side in this photo. The colour makes me think of a psychedelic sand storm that may be going on in some far away planet in a galaxy we’ll never even know of. This blush’s name–Fantastico Mauve— is rather apt, I would say.
What a beauty. ♥
And finally: swatched! On the left is a blended out swatch and on the right I applied it with a heavy hand. There is the possibility that this may look a bit like a bruise if not used “wisely.” It’s not so much about the care with which you apply it (though it is also about that) but the colours you choose to pair it with on the rest of your face. I’ve been using this with plummy lipsticks and an earthy-neutral eye. Plum and brown together are a combination I really love. This is also perfect to pair with that heavy purple lip that is so popular lately. Just apply Fantastico Mauve very lightly on the part of your cheek where a highlight would normally go. I suggest avoiding the apples of your cheeks with this blush because of the high shimmer. Think of it as a cross between a blush and a highlighter instead.
You get 3.5g of product in the pan, which is fair considering the price and the small amount you need to use. Again, I ordered mine from digitaltraincase, but you can find it in one of those little stores in HipStop at Rockwell. Can’t remember the exact name, but it’s close to NAVA. :)

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (five otta five!) – even though the packaging wasn’t great, the price and quality of the product really made up for it. Or perhaps I’m just really smitten with this blush at the moment? Time will tell, but I do recommend trying this out! :)

** photo of MAC Stratus from Temptalia.

4 responses to Review: Milani Baked Blush in “Fantastico Mauve”

  1. Liliana Mendoza

    I’ve been obsessed with plum blushes for the fall. I guess this was discontinued and no longer available in stores. I bought mine on EBay 🐼 . Great review 👍💟.

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