A Change of Heart: FOTD + mini review

Remember my Oooh, Shimmery! teaser post? :) Well, here’s the product! It’s a Shimmer Cube by The Body Shop in a limited edition shade set from their collaboration with Lily Cole. I don’t know if they’re still available, but this particular one is palette 24, which has the colours (l-r and top to bottom) Think Pink, Live Lilac, Go Violet, and Tint It Pink. The colour combination is fantastic–you could definitely come up with quite a few different looks using just this palette and purple shades tend to look good on most people. 

As the name of the product suggests, all of the shades are shimmery. The individual colours can be removed and you can take them all around separately, but I can’t really imagine an occasion I would want or have to do that because, again, these all go together so nicely, creating a look is a no-brainer! I suppose you could take whichever shade you used on your lid for touch-ups, though, which is a nice option to have.

The swatches on my arm give a pretty accurate idea of the colour pay off you will get from these eyeshadows, I think. I have seen reviews that make them seem to be much more fabulous and pigmented than they are (maybe a primer was used before swatching?) and that was just not the experience I had with these eyeshadows. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely, but lovely is just about as kind an adjective I will dare to use in describing the palette. 
Despite the disappointing colour pay off, I do find myself reaching for this palette on days when I want a very soft, understated look. The pros and cons seems to weigh equally, as I don’t see myself putting this away nor do I think it is an absolute must-have. It is much more exciting to look at as a palette than it is when it’s worn on the eyes, but I will repeat myself: it is still a lovely little palette. It also happens that I did not have to purchase this for myself, which may be one more reason why I am being so forgiving. Haha!

This product was a confusing one, so I give it a score of ♥♥♥ (three outta five!)

If you like soft, shimmery shadows, do check out The Body Shop’s other Shimmer Cubes! They have been around for the longest time, but I believe quality varies from palette to palette, so you might need to read reviews before making a purchase. :)

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