Purple, Plum, Burgundy, Bordeaux!

I know it’s everywhere and it is such a trend, but I am loving this season’s vampy lip! It’s a look that works especially well on pale skin, but I do think it can be tweaked to work on anyone! I have always loved deeper, bloody reds on my own lips (as opposed to bright reds) but what surprises me is that I like the idea of wearing the strong purples that have been on the runway too. There are several shades of deep colour that have been everywhere lately, so it’s just a choice of which to go for. Some have more red and others a lot more purple and leaning into blacky grey. Camilla Belle (upper left) is probably one of my biggest celebrity crushes. I love how her brows are always so strong and her looks tend to be very simple. On the bottom left of the collage is Emma Watson of course, who actually takes quite a few risks in editorial shoots, which is something I really appreciate. She’s definitely rocking the vampy lip in that photo! I tend to like this look with a shiny finish, but the matte lip on the girl on the lower left is gorgeous too! As for the girls on the upper right, I think that’s as safe and classic as you van go with this look–super clean skin, nearly-bare eyes, and strong lip. :)

My obsession is showing in my steadily increasing number of purple and/or deep coloured lippies. Have a look… 
I’ve arranged these (L -R) according to price, which I thought was pretty interesting:

1. Maybelline Baby Lips in “Grape Vine” (approx. 160php)– The sheerest of my purples. Although it doesn’t show well on my arm, it really does leave a purpley tint on the lips. Love this for casual days when I don’t feel like having makeup on! It also smells exactly like grape juice.

2. NYX “Black Cherry” (180php) – This has pretty strong red undertones, but it’s definitely not a bright red at all. I don’t really love this one’s formula because it doesn’t stain and it slides off quite easily. The colour is gorgeous, though.

3. Maybelline The Jewels Color Sensational in “Refined Wine” (399php) – Gotta get this out of the way– hideous packaging! Eew. Picked this up because I wanted a cheaper alternative to MACs “Rebel.” It has strong purple undertones and a really lovely shiny finish. On my lips it comes off more pink (I don’t know why my lips do that) so it doesn’t look cartoon-y. I think the fact that it isn’t matte is what makes this work. It looks absolutely yummy on the lips! Although I do love the colour, I don’t think it has quelled my desire for Rebel… so my wallet is getting ready to shed a tear or two in the next couple of days.

4. MAC “Plumful” (950php) – Plumful and myself are inseparable. We’ve formed a bond over the past two and a half months or so and we can’t be without one another. Seriously, this beautiful true plum is always in my bag and it’s perfect to wear for both day and night. This is a cremesheen so it’s not drying and not too opaque but it can be built up. It’s just amazing. I predict that although it is my newest MAC acquisition, it will be the first MAC lippie that I will have to repurchase.

5. YSL Rouge Voulpte in “Forbidden Burgundy” (expensive) – A beautiful bright purple (definitely not what I consider to be burgundy!) but like with the NYX lippie, I have issues with the formula on this one. It slips and slides and does not wear very long. I usually layer this over a deep red, which changes the colour but I need the stain underneath to make sure I don’t end up looking like a hot mess.

Before summer ended, I already had two of these, so I’ve only technically bought three new lipsticks… but I want more.  There are two that I’m dying to add to this set– Revlon’s “Black Cherry” and MAC “Rebel.” The former does not seem to exist in the Philippines. I’ve checked maybe four revlon counters already and the salesladies tell me it just doesn’t exist, which is total crap. It probably just isn’t made available locally. Sigh. So, Rebel, I’m comin’ for ya!

What’s your favourite purple lipstick? :) Or does this trend scare you off?

9 responses to Purple, Plum, Burgundy, Bordeaux!

  1. My Lucite Dreams

    Love Camilla Belle! She rocked this look! Great picks. I love the YSL, I’m glad you find a way to wear it better for you :-)

  2. Mel

    The hello kitty limited MAC that came out a few years ago. I can’t remember the name, unfortunately :(

    • Mariana – Author

      Try walking around the house in a red lip! ;) Feels funny at first but every time you see yourself in a mirror it’ll feel pretty good!

  3. that NYX one, i have the exact shade and I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! If it were proper to wear it everyday I WOULD!!!

    I have always loved dark deep bold solid colors on my lips – I dont know why I bought that MAC na Pink Nuvo (altho I think its coz I LOVED it on Jinkee’s lips :p

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