Weekend in Photos

Mom came home from Morocco on Friday with that much Argan oil and olive oil. We’re not keeping all of those bottles though. Two of those smaller ones will probably last me two years! Friday dinner at Borough for my friend Paui’s 22nd birthday. Always good to see old friends!

Saturday – Oktoberfest themed birthday party for my friends Mikee and Alfonso! The boys wore lederhosen and the girls put together the best drindls we could! :) We had pigs knuckles, tons of sausage, and an obscene amount of beer! One of the better nights of my life, no doubt!

Sunday dinner with the family in celebration of my tito’s (uncle’s) 60th birthday! He’s not actually in the photo, but he’s that guy on the tarp behind me and my cousins. Haha! In the middle is our lola (grandmother). :)

We also have been taking care of my lola’s Shih Tzu over the weekend since he got sick and my lola doesn’t really know what to do about it. That kept me busy for sure! Max is a jealous boy!

2 responses to Weekend in Photos

  1. Wow, can i buy some of the argan oil haha! Your mom bought a lot! Hope it doesn’t get rancid quickly though!

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