[On Vacation]

My apologies for the long lulls between posts! I’m on a break from school and I’ve been making good use of the time we have off, so I haven’t been on my computer very much which is a refreshing change I think. Anyway, one of my essentials when going on (any) vacation is a pair of sunglasses. I have a couple of pairs that are special and that I always handle with extra care, but I like having cheap plastic sunnies to throw in my bag and not really worry about breaking.
Now the problem with those is that you’re not always 100% sure of the quality of the lens. The main reason for wearing sunglasses is, after all, to protect your eyes.  So when I saw this cheap frame for sale online I had an idea– what if I have good lenses placed into cheap frames? I went ahead and placed the order since I liked the shape and colour of the frame. I then made my way to Pascual Optical and chose the darkest lenses available and had them put in…

And this is how they turned out! I originally wanted gold reflective (mirrored) lenses, but man are they expensive! The ones I went with weren’t exactly cheap either, but at least I know they are good quality. I ended up spending around 1,300 php for these in total, which is not bad  but definitely not a steal either. Still, they are better than the $10 type you find at H&M or Forever21! I spent as much as I would have if I had gone to Mango and bought a pair at regular price.

This wasn’t exactly a DIY… more like a little customization project, which I enjoyed quite a bit but don’t think I will be repeating unless I find a vintage frame or something special like that.

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