Bangkok Beauty Buys!

Flew to Bangkok over the long weekend to spend time with family and do a bit of shopping. I hadn’t been to Bangkok in 12 years so I was clueless on what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the shopping was! I didn’t get to take full advantage of the cheap-ness because I was so damn clueless but now I know what to prepare for the next time I go back. ;)Since this is largely a beauty blog, here’s a sneak peek of the beauty products I was able to buy! Bangkok has BOOTS! As in the British beauty store, which is why there are a couple of No. 7 products in my little haul. They also had Bioderma at a price that wasn’t exorbitant (you can order this locally for 1000++) so I snatched that up in a heartbeat. I am most excited about that little black box in the lower right corner of the photo though. Ahh. ♥

Anything here that you’d like me to review/talk about first? :D I think I will do a post on my trip as well even though I didn’t get to do any tourist-y things at all. I definitely want to go back!

8 responses to Bangkok Beauty Buys!

  1. Awesome! No.7!! Aah I miss you Boots! Am heading to Bangkok over December – any other little shopping or eating tips or recommends would be greatly appreciated!

    • Mariana – Author

      Their Duty Free shopping at the airport is AMAZING. So if you have anything high-end on your to-buy list (makeup wise), hold out until you’re on the trip back home! :) As for food, have iced Thai milk tea every single day! Hehe, you can get it almost anywhere, just keep an eye out! :) Enjoy your trip!

      • Do they have Boots at the airport too? Problem is I am not leaving Thailand from Bangkok but from Phuket… so I will only be able to get Duty Free when I land in BKK. Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated.

      • Mariana – Author

        Yes they do have Boots at the airport. :) My other shopping tip would be to set aside an entire day to visit Platinum! It’s 8 floors of market-like shopping and the stuff is so cheap!

  2. D

    Awesome little haul!
    I’m actually off to Thailand in two weeks!

    How much was the soap and glory scrub
    And also how much was the BIODERMA cleansing water

    In Thai baht ?:)

    Thank you !

    Oh and p.s, any tips on places to go for shopping in Bangkok? Also, are the products in duty free or the airport in general (for example soap and glory products ) cheaper than in say a shopping mall there ?
    thanks again :)

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