Bedside Table Staple: Huiles & Baumes Lip Balm

I have always had a small pot of petroleum jelly on my bedside table… just to slather some on my lips before hitting the hay, you know. Recently though, I felt like I wanted to replace my plastic-cased 32 peso petroleum jelly with something slightly more luxurious– ok, a lot more luxurious!Hence, I present to you my Huiles & Baumes natural and certified organic lip balm! It comes in a pretty box and the product itself is housed in a glass jar with an aluminium top (I think). There is no petroleum in this balm which is apparently something that a lot of people avoid. I personally never had any problems with petroleum-based products, but this oil and beeswax based lipbalm does seem to feel lighter and melts into my lips much more quickly. Another plus is that it looks gorgeous sitting on my bedside table, and while that is secondary to its purpose, I really love to look at it. Definitely serves as an incentive to moisturize more often.
The balm itself is a pretty cream colour and you do have to dip your finger into it to use it, but you should be clean right before going to bed anyway, yes? Haha. It smells amazing; sort of woodsy and citrusy and all kinds of natural. There is no fragrance listed on the ingredients list so the scent naturally comes from the mandarin oil that is one of the main ingredients. Argan oil and honey are the other two main ingredients. I have felt that my lips are healthier and less irritated by random things throughout the day since I started using this. It is not so heavy that it sits on your lips all the way until morning, but they don’t feel dehydrated when I wake up. Overall, I love this lip balm! It works great, smells great, and looks great too! It’s also supposed to be Angelina Jolie’s preferred lip balm. Not a substantial reason to go out and buy this I guess, but if this can handle her pampered puckers, that probably says something.

The Huiles & Baumes (no idea how to pronounce that by the way!) lip balm is available from The Souq Organics at their main store in Katipunan, online from their webisite, or at one of their stalls in Christmas bazaars. I got mine while it was on promo price for 805.00 php but it normally goes for 1,150.00php. Ouch! I do think that it is worth paying for a little luxury once in a while though, especially when it is organic luxury. Love. ♥

3 responses to Bedside Table Staple: Huiles & Baumes Lip Balm

  1. My Lucite Dreams

    I just did the same thing! I wanted something more natural. I’ve never heard of this, it’s sounds lovely though. Angelina Jolie! I need it.., xx

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