NOTD: DIY Duochrome!

…sort of! I layered OPI’s The Show Must Go On over a dark purple Faceit polish (PP405). They’re both glittery but the Face Shop nail polish was a bit too dark on its own so I thought that one coat of sheer red glitter over top would look nice. The result was this duochrome-like finish wherein the purple shows from under the red depending on the lighting and angle. I did my best to photograph it here and I think you can see the purple pretty well where the sunlight hits! :)

The last glittery polish I wore was OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard which I will wear any time of the year, but otherwise I stick to creme finishes when it isn’t the holiday season. So this pretty much means I’m 95% in the Christmas-y mood already. Wuhoo!

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