MAC Holiday Collection 2012: Glamourdaze, Small Vanity, and Lavish Rose

I know, I know, another holiday collection? Yup, I really seem to be buying into them lately! What’s funny is that I was most interested in getting something from the Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu collection but I ended up with nothing from it at all. Everything looked great in the promo photos, but once I saw the products in front of me, I was just not as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe next year, Shu! Now the exact opposite happened to me with MAC’s Glamourdaze collection. I saw the promotions and thought they were pretty boring plus the gift sets didn’t look to be very good value for money. But when I saw the collection at the MAC counter, I fell in love with one of the lipsticks right away! I then saw a really great review of one of the blushes which looked like a really good match for the lipstick I wanted and I was pretty much sold on two items at that point…

MAC Small Vanity blush + Glamourdaze lipstick

My mom picked up Glamourdaze for me while she was on a trip to Japan and I used I just fell in love in an instant. It’s a very safe rosy brown colour but it’s just the right MLBB sort of shade on me. The blush I got for myself at a local counter and it really does go with Glamourdaze very well. Small Vanity reminds me of NARS Dolce Vita but with a tiny bit of shimmer in it and it’s also a tad bit lighter. I’ve been using this combination a lot lately.

Swatched! Glamourdaze lipsick and Small Vanity Blush. The pink tones show up more in the lipstick and the brown tones more in the blush, but I promise they are both pinky browns that are such a match made in heaven. Glamourdaze has a cremesheen finish and Small Vanity a satin finish. These are both very “safe” choices but the collection definitely has other, more unique options to choose from. The lipstick in Beauty looks exceptionally stunning (I believe it was used in the promo photo above) and the nail varnish Everything That Glitters is to die for.
Here’s a very washed-out photo of me using both the lippy and the blush. I really must learn how to take better photos, but you can see a tiny bit of the blush still, yes?

I do want to mention that I didn’t like the packaging for the lipstick and blush. They come in plain, shiny black cases, while the regular MAC products come in matte black packaging which looks much more sophisticated in my opinion. Usually special collections will have an image printed over the shiny black plastic (as with the Marilyn Monroe collection for example) or the packaging will not be black at all (MAC Hey Sailor, for example) which keeps them from looking… well, fake. I guess it just bothers me because I have seen fake MAC products for sale and they look a lot like what I have in Glamourdaze and Small Vanity. Thankfully this little packaging “problem” doesn’t extend to the whole collection…
I loved the collection so much I just had to go back and have a look at the gorgeous gift sets which, unlike some of the other items, are really nicely packaged. I was tempted to buy the crushed pigments but this lipgloss set in Lavish Rose was too beautiful to pass up. At 2,100php for the set, the individual lipglosses still come out kinda pricey but the packaging is just irresistible. I’ve used three of the four and will feature them separately, but one of these lipglosses will be a part of my upcoming giveaway. ;)

So there you have it. MAC has drained my wallet and/but put a smile on my face at the same time. What a contradiction.

One response to MAC Holiday Collection 2012: Glamourdaze, Small Vanity, and Lavish Rose

  1. ashley

    Thanks for this review! I absolutely adore MAC and can’t wait to get a piece of the holiday collection.

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