Starbucks Planner 2013

Was it 2008 when Starbuscks started coming out with these yearly planners or did they start even before that? I can’t remember, but I’ve had one every year since 2008…which means I’ve had a lot of coffee in my life (lol). In high school I used my Starbucks planners more like scrapbooks and in college they kind of fell into neglect, mostly because I had the smaller Moleskine planners to use instead. This year’s Starbucks planner is really nice and sleek but still pretty large. I claimed mine in record time this year (for me, at least) because Greg and I combined our promo cards (Thanks Greggy!).
Starbucks.jpgThis year’s promo card. I love the Starbucks singing girl character! They have her on mugs, tumblers, notebooks, and everything else that comes out when it’s Christmas time. She just looks so excited to be caroling, haha.
SPHere she is! The 2013 planner comes in black, white, and green, and I obviously went with the black one. It’s the most practical in my opinion since it won’t be too obvious if and when this starts to pick up dirt here and there.
SP2.jpgDetail. There’s special cards and notes that come in the planner depending on the month, a really nice embossed outer edge near the spine, a magnetic closure, and a super cute magnetic “coffee cup” bookmark. In the back pocket you’ll find the usual discount vouchers that come with every planner.

I think my favourite Starbucks planner was the 2008 one. It had ring binding and a cut-out cover in the shape of an arm chair. It was fat and on the small side, but I really put work into updating that thing and making it pretty. It was the planner that I used most like a scrapbook and I filled it up from cover to cover. Must make an effort to find it!

On a side note, there was a little news clip about a woman who had 17 cups of coffee in one day just to be the first to get the 2013 planner. Intense, right? I like getting my planners, but I definitely wouldn’t put myself through that!

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