Sunday Steal! Ahava at 80% Off

While walking around Robinson’s Magnolia this afternoon, I spotted an AHAVA stall (close to the exit leading to the ice cream parlor) and me being me, of course I had to go check it out. I was initially just looking at the mineral makeup but they had a small section to the side of the stall with a few products on huge discount. I asked why they were on sale (just in case they were close to expiring or something) and the SA told me that the same items with new packaging had arrived, and so they were just trying to get these older ones sold. I love when stuff like that happens… same product inside older packaging at a slashed price– but the same awesome product nonetheless. I’ll take it! ASSGot myself two morning moisturizers from the dermud line which I had already tried before, and also an SPF 30 sunblock since summer is pretty much here already. They were selling at 80% off if you bought two of the same product. The dermud moisturizers came out to around 800 Php for both and the sunblock at 650ish also for two (the other bottle is for my mom). At regular price, these sell for 2,695 Php and 2,095 Php respectively. So yup, I got a pretty damn good discount. Woot woot! :) Read on to see more photos!

ASS2The packaging that they’re phasing out. I didn’t ask to see the new packaging but I think they’ve reduced the number of different lines. There doesn’t seem to be a dermud line anymore for face products. Instead there are just the general daily moisturizers with variants that target different skin types. ASS3The mineral sun care moisturizer is for both face and body but is scented. I will try it on my face but if the scent irritates me then this is going to be exclusively for my body, haha. The consistency is nice, though. Not too thick and it dries down to a non-sticky finish. Of course, I tried it indoors and that may change while I’m out on a really hot day. Another nice thing about this is that it’s water resistant so I can use it at the beach! Man, am I ready for a trip to the beach!

I checked the AHAVA Facebook page and apparently the sale ends today (boo, sorry), but it’s a brand that I have tried before and would recommend for their skincare lines. It’s not cheap, but the products are definitely top quality and made using awesome ingredients. The Deadsea mud and Deadsea salt scrub are just all kinds of awesome. However, I wouldn’t really recommend their mineral liquid foundation which I tried out maybe a year and a half ago. Hopefully I can get my hands on the mineral powder soon and do a review of it here, since it’s pretty affordable and looks promising. 

You can find AHAVA at:

Ahava Kiosk, 2/F SM Megamall Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
Ahava Kiosk, G/F Glorietta 4, Makati City
Ahava Kiosk, 2/F Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City
Upper Ground (K-1104), Robinson’s Magnolia

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