Personal Makeup Challenge (feat. MAC Ronnie Red)

Some time last week Liz of Project Vanity asked her readers a question: What makeup look do you think isn’t for you? So many people left comments and it was really interesting to read what makeup looks or products others find daunting. Surprisingly a lot of people don’t like coral shades on their lips and bronzer. Not so surprising was that a lot of people veer away from smokey eyes and red lips. I myself feel quite a bit apprehensive when it comes to certain kinds of reds. My comfort zone is with the dark, deep reds, and I only ever wear them at night– I call it my “after 6pm” rule and I’ve always stuck to it. In reply to Liz’s post I mentioned that there are girls who can totally rock a bright red lip while the sun is still high in the sky, while I feel like I’ve aged some ten years or am trying too hard (lol). But I promised myself I’d give it another go (because you never know when something will just start working for you) and here I am documenting my little experiment / challenge to myself.

MRRI chose to use “Ronnie Red” from the MAC Archie’s Girls collection because it’s a bright pink-red (totally out of my comfort zone) with a matte finish. Matte lipsticks are generally more modern looking, though that’s really a matter of opinion. I already have a number of reds in my little collection but this is the very first with a matte finish and I have to say I liked it quite a bit more than the usual shiny or glossy reds I’m used to. 
The closest red I have in my collection in terms of finish is also a limited edition shade, actually. “Heartless” from the Villainous Villains collection is my all time favourite red. It’s got an amplified finish and is just incredible in all ways. But anyway, back to Ronnie Red!
MRR2The packaging for the Archie’s Girls collection is fantastic. I did want one of the powder products just for the compact but I was too underwhelmed by the reviews and so I decided on a lipstick–and of course it had to be a Veronica one. Of the three options, “Boyfriend Stealer” looked like a ton of fun but I knew I would get zero wear out of it. “Daddy’s Little Girl” was my first choice but I have several lippies that look to be similar already. So “Ronnie Red” just seemed perfect because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s my first matte red. Huge plus points for coming in adorable packaging and garnering an A+ on Temptalia!

Now on to the actual challenging part– wearing a red before 6pm. MRR3I started applying my makeup at around 10:30 AM because I wanted to allow for some time to completely re-do my face if I ended up hating the look. At around 11:00 AM I started taking these photos — apparently realizing in between that I needed a necklace — and I felt pretty happy with the look, though the super strong lip was still a bit off to me. I tried my best to keep the rest of the face really simple and fresh so that it didn’t look heavy. I didn’t want any sharp lines on the face so I skipped liner altogether and went with a soft bronze eyeshadow on the eyes instead, plus lots of mascara. I also used a tiny bit of highlighter down the bridge of my nose and on the high points of my cheekbones.

The colour itself was incredible in person but seems to have photographed slightly uneven. I wore this look out of the house from 1:30 PM until 9:00 PM and I barely had to retouch, except when I ate frozen yoghurt and had dinner. Even then, the fading was not bad at all. I did however badger my poor boyfriend incessantly, asking if it had smudged, faded, or was going flaky. Now I know that isn’t necessary with this particular red.

MRR5As for the outfit, I went for something simple– or at least what I consider to be so. I know a few of my friends are probably laughing at me right now for posting an “OOTD” but hey… it was part of the look, guys! Haha. I really believe that to wear a red in the day time you need to balance it with casual clothing. I was initially going to wear jeans but it was just too damn hot, lol. This was taken at around 2:30 PM while walking around the new East wing of Shangri-La. Not too many stores are open yet but it looks like it’s going to be pretty nice. You can really see the pink tones in the lipstick coming out in this photo, even if it looks like a true red when in the bullet. Just goes to show that skin tone really alters the look of every lipstick. My lips in particular always bring out the pinks in any lippie with pink in it. 
After catching a showing of The Croods (such a great movie! go see it if you haven’t!), Greg and I sat down for dinner at Balboa which is also in the East Wing. By that time I felt pretty comfortable in my red lips… it was past 6pm, after all. Haha! I guess a lot of the discomfort has to do with daylight playing up the brightness of the already bright color. Once I’m in dimmed lighting, I feel like the bright lip is somehow justified. Does that make sense? Lol. Anyway.

I had a lot of fun trying something new for the day but I don’t see myself wearing a red lippie in the day time on a regular basis. I felt a tiny bit too dressed up and also a bit too conscious of myself. Still, I’m glad I tried something new, and it’s funny how that totally ties in with one of the lessons you can take away from The Croods–curiosity is a good thing… of course they’re dealing with life and I’m just dealing with makeup. But still. You get the point. Try something new. You might not always like it, but you’ll almost always learn from it.

Allow me to leave you with some silly faces I made while taking photos for this post. I obviously had quite a bit of time. Summer is awesome. :)


14 responses to Personal Makeup Challenge (feat. MAC Ronnie Red)

  1. Pat

    I love the whole look! The pop of color on your lips was accentuated by the black-and-white theme of your clothes. My makeup stumbling block is bright lips as well (actually bright anything), and you’ve inspired me to go break some personal barriers!

  2. marlogene

    hello, i cant find this ronnie red everywhere! its sold out already.. do u know where i can buy this? thank you!

  3. based on personal experience, pinks and peaches and the likes dont go well on me – they make my teeth look yellow and my skin look dull!
    so i stick to bright bold reds – and am comfy wearing them even at daytime (for work, big meetings etc. maybe not for saturday/sunday)
    i should give you 2 of my lipstick tubes that i NEVER use na (pink nuvo and watermelon).

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Ate! Yes, please! Will gladly take them off your hands! haha! :)
      As for the pinks and peaches not wearing well on you– I think Pink Nouveau is too pale and the peaches you pick may be too warm for your skin. That pink you wore to Easter lunch was really nice (was it a UD lip pencil?) because it was a deeper pink. :)

  4. Jenine

    You look so pretty! I think you pull-off bright and bold colors really well. I’m just starting to venture into brights too, and I hope I’m pulling it off as well as you do. :)

    I was also wondering – could you do a comparison between Ronnie Red and the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Mightiest Maraschino? I missed out on the MAC one and I was hoping Clinique could have a dupe. I read somewhere that they could be comparable. Thank you! :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Jenine! Thanks so much! :)

      I’ll put that on my list of things to do… though right off the bat I can tell you that the finishes will be different. Ronnie Red is matte and the CCSI is pretty glossy. I’ll look for a dupe for Ronnie Red! I bet NYX has one. :)

  5. Hi Mariana! I also have Ronnie Red and am too shy to wear such a bold colour during the day for the exact same reasons – I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard/making myself look older! It’s hard to stand out when every other girl your age wears very natural, subdued makeup, but I think this look is totally wearable during the day, especially for a day out on the weekend. I’m slowly building up my confidence with slightly ‘alternative’ makeup looks – I rocked some defined brows and purple lips out shopping today and felt amazing :) It’s nice to mix things up every once in a while.
    Great post!
    Rosie xx

    • Mariana – Author

      I wanted Betty Bright! But it also sold out right away. Darn MAC and their amazing limited edition shades! Hehe

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