I Love Landmark

Could not think of a better title for the life of me, but I just wanted to share a few of my finds from my most recent visit to Landmark. Their beauty section is located at street level (which I believe is the “basement” level of the building) and they always have some of the most random, totally useful, and unique beauty tools and finds. LH2Look out for the generic makeup brushes which are on display close to the escalators. Their packaging is pretty much just clear plastic with a pink label on top that reads “face hair body.” I picked up four of them because 1) I had tried a couple already before and 2) they are really, really cheap. LH1The two on the right are the same as one brush that I’ve already tried out, which is why I got two more. They’re really small and nice to just throw into a travel bag or even just to have around when you need a spare clean brush for blending. The two brushes on the left are ones that I picked because the shape looked good and… that was pretty much it. Haha! They have been performing really well so far and after two washes they haven’t shed.

LH3All under 55.00Php (under 2.00 USD). Amazing. The handles are not made of the best materials (plastic for the two on the left and wood on the right) but they look much more pricey than they actually are. I have brushes that cost me over 3000.00Php and while I can feel (more feel than see) a difference because pro brushes are weighted properly, these do minor jobs perfectly fine. :)LH4I also picked up this adorable hat for approximately 300.00 Php. Compared to some hats I had seen in stores, it was a really good deal. I do think that there are even cheaper hats in SM department store but they aren’t nearly as adorable. LH5The last thing I picked up was Snoe Cosmetics’ Poudre Extraordinaire in perfect beige. Snoe is a local brand that has been around for a while now but I never really bothered to pick up anything from their cosmetics line. Their advocacy involves a lot of praise for white skin… something I don’t generally… well, like. Not white skin–white skin is fine–it’s more of whitening products that I dislike. However this particular product doesn’t actually whiten. It just protects from sun damage so I figured it would be good to have around for summer. It’s got an SPF of 30 plus Acai berry (extract?). This set me back approx. 700.00Php for 35g of product. Review to follow…but so far I have not been impressed. Lol

And that’s it for my little Landmark haul! Do keep an eye out for those brushes! :)

One response to I Love Landmark

  1. Landmark has the nicest brushes. The sets are a good deal. There were ladies crowding the brush section when they went on sale. :)

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