Loving Laura: A Slight Case of Brand Obsession

It’s very rare that a cosmetics brand can get everything right. Some have got it down when it comes to foundations (Bobbi Brown, Lancome), some have the best lipstick formulas (MAC, NARS), and others have totally covered the field with their blush selection (NARS)… but a brand’s formulas almost always falter in some area–wether it’s hit-and-miss eyeshadows *ahemNARSahem* or inconsistent products overall, depending on the collection *ahemEsteeLauder*. LL1Recently, I noticed that the number of Laura Mercier products that form a part of my makeup routine has shot up. When I say recent, I mean beginning only this year (2013).The only item pictured above that I had before 2013 is the oil-free tinted moisturizer. The radiance foundation primer, silk creme foundation, caviar eye shadow stick, and metallic creme eye colour are all new to me– and they are awesome.

LL2 I also have a lipstick from the brand (included in the photo above) that I purchased in February and a travel brush set that I got in late January. That’s seven things from one brand–and I can very nearly do a full look with what I have! All I’m missing are a setting powder, blush, and mascara. Laura Mercier is actually famous for their translucent setting powder, so I’m pretty sure that if I get that I’d be pretty happy with it too. Based on frequent visits to the LM counter, the blushes also look promising and if I weren’t so skeptical about high-end mascaras, I would totally pick up a LM one based on my positive experience with all their products so far (but I won’t pa rin, lol).

If you’ve never tested the brand before, this will pretty much be a general overview of the brand. Read on! :) LL3Let’s begin with the bases. Laura Mercier is a brand that emphasizes beginning with a flawless face, which is why the products they are most famous for are –not surprisingly– all skin-centered. The secret camouflage concealer is used by celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, while the silk creme foundation, tinted moisturizers, and loose setting powder are products generally hailed throughout the world of beauty. My experience of the TM, primer, and silk creme foundation totally reaffirm the popularity and praise.

1. Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (1, 850 Php for 50mL) – I’ve been using the TM for a couple of years now and I am on my third tube. It lasts me about half a year of everyday use, but since I use other foundations as well it can take me longer to use it up. The coverage is low, so it’s for days when your skin is looking pretty darn good already. It will even out skin tone very nicely, though, and since it has an SPF of 20, you’ll be protecting your skin as well. I do set it with transparent powder but that’s because I live in a tropical climate. When I used this in the US, I didn’t even have to set it. I haven’t tried the non oil free version because my T-zone is a little oily, but I’ve heard that it’s great, too.

2. Foundation Primer, Radiance variant (1, 850 Php for 50mL) – There are five different primers LM has to offer: the regular kind, oil free, mineral, hydrating, and radiance. I have the radiance variant which has shimmery particles in it that give the skin an amazing glow. I believe it is the most famous of the five options and I chose it because summer was just around the corner when I bought it. It also really, really helps the foundation to last much longer aside from adding radiance to your look. You can either apply this to skin before your foundation or you can mix it with the foundation of your choice on the back of your hand. I have also used it as a highlighter. Hehe

3. Silk Creme Foundation (1, 850 Php for 35mL) – The tube of this looks really small but the product is so pigmented that you really only need to use a pea-sized amount to get full coverage. I had a tiny bit of frustration with this because I don’t think I have an exact colour match, but what I have is just about half a shade too light and I can work with it for evenings out because I tend to contour and bronze pa anyway. Another great thing about all of these bases is that the tube packaging makes them nice and travel-friendly. No heavy glass bottle to lug around, yay! LL4Next (and newest to me) are these two amazing cream shadows. I. Love. Them.

4. Metallic Creme Eye Colour (995.00 Php for 8.5g) – I fell in love with the colour of this — “burnished copper” is just incredible on my skin tone AND the texture is absolutely beautiful as well. It glides on like a dream and blends out really quick. Take note that I didn’t say that it blends out easily… you need to be a little careful that you don’t spread the product out too far, because it is really easy to spread. What really sucks is that Rustan’s (the Philippines’ LM carrier) is no longer going to carry these. I’m not sure if that means the product is going to be phased out in general, but I’m totally going to hoard. As the name suggests, the shades in this line are all metallics, which aren’t too versatile I guess, which is why they came out with the…

5. Caviar Stick Eye Colour (995.00 Php for 1.64g) – Right off the bat, I hope you noticed that this thing sells for the same price as the metallic cream eye colour but for much less product. Still, it is lovely and the application is a breeze because of the packaging. The colour I have is “rose gold” and it is a lovely peachy pink that will go nicely with lots of skin tones. Other colours from this line that I have my eye on are “amethyst” and “sand glow.”

LL5Here’s a look I did using the metallic creme eye colour a while back. Apologies for the photo quality, I just used my phone. Still, you can get an idea of the effect it gives. Whenever I use that eyeshadow, someone is bound to comment on it (in a good way), which is always awesome.

I’m excited to eventually try out even more Laura Mercier products in the future. They actually have a really wide selection of products –including luxurious lotions and candles– a fact that is easy to miss because the whole aesthetic of the brand is so subdued. If you’re into very natural-looking makeup, it’s definitely a brand you need to get familiar with. If, on the other hand, you like stage/performance/art makeup, it might not be the brand for you– check out Illamaqua, MUFE, and even MAC, instead. I personally love the “Laura Mercier look” because while it’s simple, it’s never dated. Love. Love. Love.

3 responses to Loving Laura: A Slight Case of Brand Obsession

  1. My Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes is in my top 5 palettes! I love the brand, too, and I want to explore it s’more but I don’t know where to start. I have my eye on the Caviar Eye Sticks, though.

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