Skin Diaries: June 10, 2013

In my last post I talked about my skin’s history and the latest (and biggest) bump along the road it has encountered. I’ve been following the regimen prescribed by a VMV (Hypoallergnics) dermatologist strictly for nearly two weeks now, and my skin has shown significant improvement. I even have dry-ish cheeks again–which she told me to expect–but my forehead and the areas close to my nose are still pretty oily. I have found that my sunscreen (L’Oreal UV Perfect) provides enough moisture during the day time and that not applying a moisturizer at nigh isn’t so bad. After a couple of hours my skin will have produced enough oil for me to feel “normal,” but any longer than that and I feel oily again.

The pimples are less angry… but they are still there and I even had a couple of new ones pop up over the weekend. Now I’m going to do something I haven’t done before… for the sake of documenting this (painful) journey back to better skin…
SD1.jpgYup, that’s my bare face with all the flaws that I recently acquired. Don’t get me wrong, I have posted photos without makeup on before, but they’re either from back in high school or they’re beach photos… and my skin was better in those. So this is really killing me, but there it is. As you can see, the majority of my pimples are around the center of my forehead but there are quite a few marks around my chin and on the lower sides on my cheeks. I am going to have a problem with the hyperpigmentation that the dried up pimples will eventually leave me with but I will deal with those once the pimples are gone.

You can also see the shine on my forehead and the slight redness in my cheeks, which are kind of dry and irritated. Believe me, this is muuuch better than my skin from two weeks ago, if you can imagine. Apologies to anyone who thinks pimples are gross! I do too and that’s why I’m really trying to fix this as quick as possible but still in the right way.

Now I have to say: makeup has been a great tool for getting through this experience because it has helped me cover up these flaws. However, I’ve never really liked using makeup to cover things unless absolutely necessary (which has been the case lately). I’ve always seen it as a way to enhance features, as a form of expression, and a way to have fun. My mom has always chided me for spending loads on makeup. Skincare, she’s always said, is the one thing that’s really worth splurging on. Now I never doubted her, but I never really had terrible skin (acne-wise) either. Good skin really is the foundation for everything. So if you’ve got it, do take good care of it, because all of the miracle concealers and expensive foundations in the world are crap compared to good skin.

4 responses to Skin Diaries: June 10, 2013

  1. annie

    I had my first breakout when I was in highschool. Wearing my newly bought Adidas cap, I went around our school the entire day because it was the annual school fair. At the end of the day, alas, my forehead already had pimples everywhere! I decided to go to Let’s Face It and they made it worse by making my face more oily and more pimples popped out everywhere. And so, I struggled with 4 years of insecurity and lack of confidence. It never occurred to me to visit a dermatologist because I got traumatized at that experience.

    After 4 years, I finally decided to visit a dermatologist in St. Luke’s, and in just a month’s time, my face officially cleared up. And it felt so damn good. Glad yours went better so fast! I love happy stories like this. I guess the lesson in all these is to visit a real dermatologist soon!!

  2. Vanessa

    Hi Iana! Can you give me an idea of how much you had to spend for your VSRC derma and regimen? I am also having forehead breakout and I am considering a checkup with VSRC. The only thing that’s holding me back is the price. Hope you can give me tip on that. Thank you.

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Vanessa! I spent approximately 3500 the first time I went to VSRC. The bill included my consultation, two medicines, face wash, and toner. The next time I went I spent approximately 3000. I had a chemical peel and consultation. I used to go to a derma who charged a lot more so I find the prices to be reasonable…but of course that is subjective. Can’t hurt to give them a call! :) I’m sure the receptionist will be happy to tell you how much the doctors charge for consultation. There are several doctors and I’m sure they all have different rates kasi. I went to Dra. Ong. I really recommend at least having a consultation so that you have an expert opinion. Also don’t feel pressured into buying the VMV off the shelf products if you don’t want to, although I do rate them well both for effectivity and price.

      Good luck with your skin problems! I know how frustrating they can be!

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