Old Reliable: Stila’s In the Light Palette

SITLI’ve had my Stila In the Light palette (1,750.00 Php) since September 11, 2012. I know the exact date because I took all of these photos (except for the swatches at the end) the day after I bought the palette. Hehe. So It has been nearly a year since I’ve had this baby but I only thought to write aboutit lately because I finally decided that yes– yes, I do like this palette more than I like the original UD NAKED palette. SITL2The packaging, although very pretty, is not my favourite part of the product. It’s made of coated cardboard and there is no mirror on the inside of the cover, which is the main detraction for me. The nice thing about it though is that it is very, very light. Travelling with this would be perfect if only it had that mirror inside! I took this palette along when I travelled to London and Paris in May and it was annoying to have to look for a mirror all the time or just use a small one from one of my blushes or something. I should have taken a mirror with me. Lesson learned.
SITL3But the real reason why I love this palette more than the UD NAKED (1) palette is for the eyeshadows themselves. Before it was named “In the Light” this palette was originally called “In the Nude.” I have a feeling Stila changed the name because it was too reminiscent of the NAKED palette, which did come out before this one. But “In the Light” suits the palette very nicely in my opinion anyway.

SITL4Top Row, L-R: bare (m), kitten, bliss (m), sunset, sandstone (m)

Bottom Row, L-R: bubbly, gilded gold, luster, night sky, ebony (m)

There are 10 colors in the palette. Four mattes (marked with the letter M above) and six shimmery shades. It also comes with a deep brown smudge stick, which is Stila’s twist-up eyeliner. That thing is pretty awesome and I would never buy it on its own because it’s so pricey (between 800-1000 I think. I shall check!). I use it mostly on the upper water line because it is so soft.

The real stars of the palette are the eyeshadows. They are all soft and buttery, and totally easy to blend. My favourite ones are Sunset and Bubbly, which can both be built up or just applied very softly to the lids. To add depth, I use Sandstone in the crease and blend that out. When/if I want a subtle, ever day look, I apply Bliss all over the lid and again softly contour with Sandstone. Gilded Gold and Luster are the sultry shades–I love using either of these with tons of mascara for a sexy, smoky evening look. I’ve only used Ebony as an eyeliner with an angled brush, but I imagine if you wanted to do a classic smokey eye, you could use that coupled with Night Sky, which is a beautiful blue-y grey. Bare is the shade I like to use on my brow bone, just to give it some lift. I do have to use it sparingly, though, since it’s a little too light for my skin tone. It also comes with Kitten–Stila’s most popular shade. I use kitten on the inner corner of my eye (near the tear ducts) to give me that wide awake and bright-eyed effect.

SITL5Swatched! The most photogenic are obviously Kitten, Sunset, and Bubbly, which all look lovely on the eyelids. Wait, what am I saying! These all look lovely on the lids, haha. Those three just happen to swatch prettier. :) The balance of mattes and shimmers in this palette as well as the range of colours and overall quality of the eyeshadows makes me love this so much more than the UD NAKED palette. I do like that one a lot, but I find that I ignore a lot of the colours, using only a few on a regular basis. With the Stila “In the Light” palette, every single eye shadow gets put to use (Night Sky the least, though haha) and I feel like there are 1000 looks that I can create with them. I should mention that this originally came with a little booklet that had suggestions for looks that you can make… lost that long ago, but if you buy your own palette you may find it useful. :)

I’m really thinking I should get the “In the Know” palette, which features all matte shades…In time, I probably will! I think that 1, 750.00 Php is such a reasonable price for these Stila palettes, especially as compared to 2,500.ooPhp for the NAKED palettes which aren’t even available locally. I can get over the no-mirror flaw because I’m not travelling like 90% of the time, anyway.

Have you tried any Stila products lately? :)

12 responses to Old Reliable: Stila’s In the Light Palette

  1. I love your post, and in depth pictures! I love my Stila palette as well! Thanks for swatching, and being in depth with the review!

  2. I’m on a makeup ban right now, but I was eyeing Stila items yesterday. On my to-buy list are a liquid lipstick in Patina, a convertible color in Poppy, and one of these palettes, reviewed by Wiji/dandelionwhiskers!

    • Mariana – Author

      I’m always iffy about those convertible colors! I always worry that they’ll get dirty real quick and I’m also pretty sure I’d never use them on my lips. :)) Good luck getting through the rest of the makeup ban! You are brave! haha

      • I know, the testers are so icky! Hahaha I really liked the look of Poppy, though, so I’m still thinking if I should go for it. :D

        LOL I may be brave but I was also unforgivably spendy.

  3. I love this post! I’m thinking about getting eyeshadow palettes from Stila. I only have their long wear lip color in Daring :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Thank you! :) I haven’t tried any of their lip products except for a lip gloss once! Maybe I’ll check those out next. :)

  4. Elika

    It’s on sale yesterday in Rustan’s (Glorietta)! Got it for P1,050 only yay! :D

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