Rant: Sales Assistants

There’s a cosmetics store in Rockwell that I tend to avoid because I don’t find that shopping there is very pleasant. The sales assistants there are mostly pro makeup artists. I believe the brand requires them to be so before they work there. I’m not going to mention the brand’s name because I’m certain not all sales people for this brand are like the ones I’ve encountered in the country, but you will be able to guess the brand for sure. Anyway, I do generally steer clear of the store because the people there are snooty and not very helpful, but I knew what I wanted yesterday so I went in anyway. 

Now my forehead has been a shiny mess for the past few weeks (still dealing with this skin type change), so I asked to see the brand’s blot powder which a ton of people recommended. Sales Assistant #1 began by leading me to the wrong product: the Studio Careblend Pressed Powder. Slightly confused (maybe they changed the name of the product?), I asked if she was sure that this was the blot powder, to which she replied yes. I wasn’t really buying it, but I asked her to recommend a shade for me anyway. She looks at me and takes a while longer than I felt comfortable with–if you’re a MUA for the brand and not just an SA, you should be more familiar with the range, tbh. SA#1 finally settles on Medium Dark, which was the right match–I know because I use that shade for the brand’s mineralize skinfinish powder. So I try it on the side of my face, ask for the price, and then SA #2 pokes her head into the conversation saying no no no, Medium Plus is the right shade, immediately thereafter “whispering” to SA #1 that Medium Dark was out of stock. I could totally hear her so I said that’s ok, I can wait for stock to come in, no worries. SA #2 insists that Medium Plus is a good match for me, when it is clearly a shade too light. I tell SA#1 (who I am also annoyed with but not so much as SA#2) thanks and I’ll think about it. SA #2 doesn’t even wait for me to turn my back, much less get out of the store, before she hisses to SA#1: sabi ko kasi out of stock na Medium Dark! Dapat Medium Plus ang binigay mo (I told you that Medium Dark was out of stock, you should have pushed Medium Plus instead)!


Really? You would recommend –no, PUSH– a wrong shade match to make a sale? You don’t even deserve to be called a MUA (exactly why I’ve been calling them SAs). I already hated going into that particular store because the people there always made me feel that if I didn’t buy anything on that particular visit, I wasn’t worth one second of their time. They would rather spend their time making themselves up than genuinely helping out their customers.

The brand, to be quite honest, pretty much sells itself because it’s such a huge name already. Sad, because I don’t want a single peso of the brand’s profit to go to Sales Assistants like those.

Also, I do think there are good MUAs who work there. They just weren’t in for the day. Still, I’m not going anywhere near that store in the near future. And I did eventually find a good blotting powder. From another brand. YAY.

10 responses to Rant: Sales Assistants

  1. Jo

    I can definitely relate to your post! I know which makeup store you’re talking about. Every time I pass by it, the SAs are just sitting on the stools, putting makeup on themselves! And they do try to size you up when you enter the store, as if they’re weighing if you’re going to buy or not, instead of immediately coming up to you to assist (which is their job in the first place!)… Maybe they think they’re such a big brand that they don’t need to have any form of customer service whatsoever.

    On a completely unrelated note, I soo love your blog. I like how you write and how you share your experiences. This is my first blog comment ever and I’m glad it was on yours. :)

  2. “I already hated going into that particular store because the people there always made me feel that if I didn’t buy anything on that particular visit, I wasn’t worth one second of their time.”

    Same feelings I have with their Glorietta branch. Sad, but true.

  3. I think all their branches here have at least one who’s like that. Very annoying and condescending. Try to buy from online stores instead, so the profit won’t go to them. :P That is if you already know your shade. :) I hope you get to meet a nice SA/MUA in the future. The ones in Shang are nice, or at least the ones who were there when I went there. :)

    • Mariana – Author

      I have met nice ones, but sadly they are the exception. But you’re right, the ones in Shang seem to be nicer! And they switch them up more often. The SAs in Rockwell have been in the same branch for a long time. :))

  4. AAAACK, that’s so annoying!! Also really shameful. :( Try a different branch; Podium and Trinoma are the best ones, in my experience. Or yes, ibang brand nalang! I’m happy you found an alternative so you really didn’t have to pay those jerks a dime.

  5. ManilaJen

    Happy to have found your blog. I am NC40 too. I also love this brand cause their product works for me most of the time. The SAs just suck in this country. Someone in the Trinoma counter also tried to push a wrong shade of concealer just cause my shade is out of stock. Too lame and disappointing. :/
    Is your Koh Gen Doh foundation (most recent one) a good match for NC40? Been meaning to try it. Thanks!

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