Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (Oil Free) Review

I never had to worry about excess shine where it isn’t welcome on my face until recently, so I never delved into the world of “matte” cosmetics. I was always worried about hydrating my skin and keeping flaky skin at bay, not patting down a near-reflective forehead (lol it’s not that bad naman, but it was getting there). So you can imagine how lost I felt… I mean I have been posting about this a lot lately, so I will spare you the rant and get on to talking about the first blot/oil control powder I’ve ever tried: the Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (1,500 Php for 7.6g). CPP1I did my research before buying this and it’s pretty well-rated from what I’ve gathered. It was #1 on my list of options because it was (1) available locally, (2) had a translucent shade option, and (3) is relatively reasonably priced. I also made sure that I went and got a pressed powder because I knew I would need to take it around for touch-ups. 

I have to begin with the packaging. The box is gorgeous and it totally reminds me of the first blush I ever owned, which was also from Clinique. On a side note, I’m thinking that I might just buy that blush again because I remember using it every single day and it just seemed to go with everything. It’s one of the very few products that I used up completely. But back to this powder. While the box is gorgeous, it’s taking a while for the actual compact to grow on me. I adore that shade of green (that Clinique uses on much of their packaging) but the marbling feels a bit dated. It is genuinely growing on me though, as I feel somewhat like a lady from the 50s when I use this powder. Hihi. As for the size and durability, I have no complaints. The compact is just that–compact– and it has a nice mirror inside plus a sponge for touch ups. CPP5There are several sheer shades to choose from, but I went with 101 invisible matte (which is obviously translucent) because I wanted to be able to match this with whatever foundation I decide to use. Based on reviews, there are people who use the powder on its own because that’s all the coverage they really need. It’s made for skin types 2, 3, and 4 based on the Clinique skin typing system thingermabob.
CPP2I have been using this powder to set my makeup at the beginning of the day and I have noticed a significant difference in the wear of my makeup because of it. Without it, I begin to feel oily as soon as 30 minutes after applying my makeup–depending how well I’ve done it. I have also figured out that using much thinner layers of foundation/tinted moisturizer/concealer helps as well. So if I’ve done my base well and I set with a regular powder (and the weather isn’t crazy-ass humid) then my skin stays nice and matte for an hour and a half, but even before then I can feel the oils kind of building up. WITH this powder, I feel like my face is set properly and my first touch up of the day will be about 3 hours after makeup application. That’s usually with blotting sheets first and then I apply another thin layer of the powder with a small powder brush that I take around with me. That keeps me nice and matte for the rest of the day. CPP4The finish and feel of the powder are lovely as well. The translucent shade can look a bit white when first applied, but it settles really well and it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. I can then use blush and a highlighter and my face has a nice sheen in all the right places. The best part though is not having to worry about oiling up way too soon.

Mini skin update: you can see here that although I’m shine-free on my forehead, I have some dark spots peeking through and that area is just generally very dull. I also have marks on my right cheek but thanks to the miracle that is concealer, they aren’t really showing.
CPP3My other two main options were MAC’s blot powder and a Laura Mercier setting powder. The MAC one is less expensive and the LM one is more expensive, so the Clinique one has a nice middle-ground price. Of the three, the Clinique powder had the most consistently good online ratings (like some say MAC blot is great and others think it does nothing). I initially wanted to do a comparison between any two of the three, but I’m so satisfied with this powder that it may be a while before I try out another blot powder.

Overall, I’m really happy with this product. It’s something I don’t want to leave the house without anymore, hehe! People with combination or oily skin will benefit the most from this, and though I can’t make promises that it will work for everyone, at least we all know that Clinique products are 100% fragrance free and allergy tested, which makes me feel a lot more confident in recommending the brand’s products in general.

Do you use a blot powder? If so, what’s the best you’ve tried? :) I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


P.S. I just bought the CC cream this afternoon! Excited to try it out and hopefully share a favorable review! :)

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  1. I’m using the same powder as well and this doesn’t break me out unlike MAC’s. Love your blog btw! :)

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