Avon Totally Kissable + Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks || Review & Swatches

Around a month ago I got my hands on a few Avon lippies and a mascara (Supershock is an old favourite so I decided to try Supershock MAX). I think this is the first time I’ve tried Avon lipsticks, which is funny because I’ve been using their mascaras for so long. I’ve even tried a couple of their powders in the past, but never the lipsticks. My mom says that when she was young (yuppie age) Avon was the only brand of lipstick she really used. I have a friend who works at Avon and she offered to get me and my friends a few items (usually I order through an Avon lady), so I picked out two Totally Kissable lipsticks in Berry Smooch (recommended colour) and Caressing Coral, and also one Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick in Juicy Pomegranate.

IMG_2134These originally came wrapped in plastic, which I like because I know the items had never been opened. And unless it’s a premium brand of makeup, the lack of box packaging doesn’t  matter much to me anyway. This is what they look like when unwrapped. On the left is the Totally Kissable lipstick [Regular Price: 399.00Php; Current Offer: 249.00 Php] and on the right is the Ultra Moisture Rick lipstick [Regular Price: 375.00Php; Current Offer: 239.00Php]. I much prefer the black packaging!

IMG_2136Berry Smooch and Juicy Pomegranate

Berry Smooch reminds me of MAC Plumful but with more oomph. It’s definitely got more bright pink tones in there, but like Plumful, it can be worn very sheer and it can also be built up to a more opaque but still very glossy finish. Juicy Pomegranate is this really lovely mid-tone pink. If it were any cooler, I wouldn’t like it, but as it is it really brightens my face and makes me feel a tiny bit like a Barbie.

IMG_2138This is Caressing Coral, the colour I was most excited to try (that explains the solo shot). It’s a lovely juicy, sheer orange that will flatter a lot of skin tones! I feel like this kind of colour makes anyone look younger and more alive.

AvonWorn, L-R: Caressing Coral, Berry Smooch, Juicy Pomegranate

Here they are worn on different days– didn’t vary the rest of my face much, to be honest. I have been lazy to try new looks on my eyes! Anyway, the Totally Kissable lipsticks did not wear very well on me. I had difficulty applying them evenly and I had to reapply pretty often… but the colors are so pretty that is almost forgivable! They didn’t really fade evenly, either, which is another thing I didn’t like. The name “Totally Kissable” does suit them, however, as they give the lips a really healthy, juicy look. I probably will go through these two colours, but I won’t be repurchasing from this particular range because of the drawbacks I mentioned.

The Ultra Moisture Rich formula on the other hand was a total dream! At first I was frustrated because there was too much slip, but then I tried to wear it without applying lip balm beforehand and that problem was solved! It isn’t called “Ultra Moisture Rich” for nothing! I now think of this as more of a “lip butter” type of product than a lipstick. It’s something that I can throw in my bag and I don’t have to worry about forgetting my lip balm at home because this one product does the job. Ordinarily I panic when I don’t have a balm with me because I like to completely wipe of my lipstick before I reapply it. Before reapplying, I usually feel the need to lay down some more lip balm. Again, with this, there isn’t any need for that. I will be trying more shades from this range for sure!

AvonSwatchesAnd finally here they are swatched on my NC40 skin! L-R: Berry Smooch, Caressing Coral, and Juicy Pomegranate. If you want to see swatches of the full ranges, Liz of Project Vanity did very comprehensive posts on them! Check those out here and here.

Check out Avon’s website to see their monthly brochure. And again, these are priced at 399.00 (Totally Kissable) and 375.00 (UMR) regularly, but they are almost always on special offer. If not this month, maybe next month! So keep checking! :)

5 responses to Avon Totally Kissable + Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks || Review & Swatches

  1. Oh my, these colors are gorgeous, I’m in love!!!! *_* And they look so beautiful with your dark hair and skin tone!

  2. Sam

    These look great on you! It’s a shame they didn’t fade very well. That’s always frustrating for me when wearing a lipstick. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, so I definitely need a lipstick that can stand up to that. Regardless, they are beautiful shades.

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