MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection || Review

MVS1Let’s talk about something MAC on here for a change. Strange that although I have a good number of products from the brand (just counted 10 lipsticks!), I’ve only really reviewed a couple on this blog…and that was some time ago now.  Time to change that! Beginning with the very first Paint Pot that I ever tried: Vintage Selection. 
I used to think that buying cream shadows was a waste of money because they would just dry up really quickly. I’m not really sure where I got that impression… perhaps from the Bobbi Brown gel liner that I had which dried out in a matter of months. But as I said, Vintage Selection is the first MAC Paint Pot in my collection, and before that the only other cream shadows I had tried were the Maybelline Color Tattoos, which are pretty okay in my book. Nothing spectacular, but not too disappointing either. Those are drugstore products though (not that drugstore can’t be awesome), so in spite of the 1, 100 Php (local) price tag, I went to MAC and picked this baby up, basing my colour selection on a Temptalia review as I do so very often. I thought to myself Hey, high end things usually have high end price tags for a reason, right?

Gotta start by saying — I adore the shade name. It’s just all kinds of chic. Vintage Selection (love it!) is part of the Pro Longwear Paint Pot range and is a permanent color. MAC describes this as a “frosted dirty peach” which I think is just a little bit off. It’s more of a warm pink as opposed to a peach in my opinion, but the frosty part is spot on. It’s a color that would work well on a lot of skin tones because there’s a lot that you can do with this. Aside from the obvious wash of colour all over the lids that this can provide, you can limit use to the inner corner of your eye (where your tear ducts are), or you can use it as a brow bone highlight. If you’re a master blender you could even use this down the bridge of the nose or on the high points of your cheek for a not-so-subtle sheen (think disco partaaay). Of course it’s an amazing base for other eyeshadows as well. I’ve topped this with neutral shades in both matte and shimmery finishes and I particularly like the way it looks when it peeks out from underneath a matte nude eyeshadow.

The texture is something else. The Maybelline Color Tattoos have nothing on this formula, which is soft and easy to blend out. Another reason why I never liked the idea of cream shadows was fear of slippage–I didn’t want the hassle of having to set the product every time I used it. Cream shadow settling into the creases of your eyes is not a flattering look, tbh. But that’s not a problem with this Paint Pot! It sets nicely and doesn’t budge after that. I would caution against using too much of this particular colour because it is very frosty, but I imagine the matte and satin formulations are ok to build up. Vintage Selection looks best kind of sheer and soft and glowy.


The packaging of the MAC Paint Pots is another winning aspect of the product. You get 5 grams of product packed into a hefty glass pot, featuring a matte plastic twist-off cover. I thought I would find it chunky, but after owning it for a while and being able to hold it in my hands and set it down on my counter top, I feel like it’s as sleek as a rounded pot of glass could possibly be.

I don’t know yet if this will dry out very quickly as I’ve only had it for a couple of months, but I’m hoping that the packaging helps keep it fresh. I always make sure to screw the top back on nice and tight!

MVS5Swatched on my NC40 skin. Blended out on the left and applied heavily on the right. You can see what I meant when I said it’s very frosty when applied heavily. It’s lovely either way but I prefer it blended out!

MVS6I’m sure you’ve noticed that Vintage Selection is a Pro Longwear Paint Pot and not just a Paint Pot, so it presumably wears longer than a regular Paint Pot would. I don’t have any of my own, so I can’t make the comparison but Christine of Temptalia mentioned in her review that the ingredients lists of either formulation differ by just one ingredient. And as far as I know, they do sell for the same price anyway. I suppose the Pro Longwear ones just promise precisely that–longer wear. All Paint Pots–whether Pro Longwear or regular– are also shown on the same page on MAC’s website, so there really can’t be much of a difference besides an ever so slightly improved formula.

MAC comes out with limited edition Paint Pot shades pretty often, usually launching them with their special collections. Again, Vintage Selection is permanent, so you can take your time thinking about buying this colour. The second Paint Pot I bought just recently is limited edition… and I have the most heart-breaking kind of luck when it comes to MAC limited edition products… I always fall in love with what I choose (awesome) but they are limited edition (not awesome). Has that happened to any of you guys too?

Do let me know if you own any Paint Pots yourself and what colours you recommend! I’m liking this cream formula!

5 responses to MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection || Review

  1. I love MAC paint pots!! I have Bare Study and Rubenesque (goooorgeous color, I promise) and I love them both. Try storing these upside down, supposedly helps with the drying issue. :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Ooh, thanks for the storage tip! Turned the upside down right away! Haha. Rubenesque looks gorgeous! Looking to get a matte (or at least less shimmery) color next though. :D

    • Mariana – Author

      Always best to check it out in person first! :) Online swatches help but seeing it on your own skin is the best. :)

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