Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Cream || Review

chanel-les-beigesThe Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow collection features an all-in-one healthy glow cream (It’s a BB cream), a sheer setting powder, and a retractable kabuki brush (not in photo). The products promise a natural, fresh-faced finish that imparts a (as the collection’s name says) healthy glow. The packaging on the powder compact looks beautiful and the overall beige/black motif is a nice departure from Chanel’s typical all-black packaging.

The collection is a relatively new release from Chanel, a brand that I must admit I am completely unfamiliar with in terms of their makeup. I’ve oggled, sure, but I’ve never really owned a Chanel makeup item. I don’t skimp on my makeup purchases but I’ve just never happened to pick up anything from the brand… so what’s the story behind this particular acquisition? I have a close friend with a pretty awesome job. CBB5My dear kabarkada (Hi, I love you! Thank you. :* ) who works as an editor for a magazine received the Les Beiges Creme Belle Mine (pretty French name!) SPF 30/PA +++ as a sample and since she was not interested in trying it out herself, she asked if I would like it. Dear reader of my blog, can you imagine me ever saying no to that? I didn’t think so. At the time I was under the impression that the cream was a primer or base of sorts with some shimmery particles in it (sort of like the LM illuminating primer), but when I got my hands on it I saw that it was actually a BB cream– and it only says so on the side of the box, which I found to be a little funny. I guess Chanel wanted a name that was a little mor luxurious?  CBB7So, what is this fancy shmancy BB cream supposed to do for me? The description on the Chanel website reads:

This all-in-one product is a complete even-toning, moisturizing, protective and soothing step that instantly lights up the complexion.
Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, LES BEIGES Cream provides a sensation of comfort and hydration thanks to a hyaluronic acid derivative.
Cotton flower and white rose plant cells, combined with a high SPF 30 / PA +++, protect the skin from environmental stress, such as pollution, free radicals and sunlight. Like an imperceptible caress, the light and silky texture leaves the skin fresh, soft and moisturized all day long.
Pure and dazzling, the complexion reveals its healthy glow, as if you just spent a weekend outdoors.
LES BEIGES: Natural is a style.

Sounds promising, eh? It’s got a hyaluronic acid derivative and a good amount of SPF. This comes in two shades, No. 10 and No. 20, and thankfully my friend was given No.20, the darker shade. Most (Asian) BB creams don’t even have a shade selection, so I tend to prefer non-Asian formulations. This particular product is supposed to be paired with the Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF15/PA++  which I unfortunately don’t have. The powder comes in 5 shades (but only in non-Asian countries, GRR. Here we have two– one pink tone and one yellow) and the range looks to be pretty good, so if No.10 and No.20 of the cream are too light, you should be able to adjust that with the powder.
CBB6The packaging of the BB cream is very simple but I can feel the quality of the plastic and I can see the close attention to design that you only really get from higher end brands. The tube contains 40mL of product… that’s not a lot considering this sells for more than 3000Php, but you pay for the quality, I suppose! The nozzle opening (not pictured) is nice and small so you can control the amount of product dispensed easily.
CLBxConsistency-wise the Healthy Glow Cream felt a lot like other BB creams I’ve tried in the past. It was a bit difficult to spread as it is rather thick, so if you don’t work it in well you may look a bit patchy. It did feel really moisturizing after it settled into the skin, though. Both shades of the cream are supposed to be pink toned, but No.20 didn’t clash with my warm skin tone for some reason.

I have to mention that this smells amazing. I can’t put my finger on what it smells like but it’s a little floral and powdery at the same time. The scent didn’t wear away quickly so that might be a turn-off for people who don’t like scented products. I personally really liked it, which was a surprise! CBB1Here I’m wearing the Healthy Glow Cream set with a translucent powder. I had to warm up the edges of my face with a matte powder so that it wouldn’t look as though I had a mask on, but the shade is an okay match for the center of my face. The coverage is medium to heavy…leaning more towards the heavy side, I think, which is typical of BB creams. What’s nice is that although coverage is pretty full, it doesn’t end up looking unnatural. And yes, I do think that the product gave off a nice, healthy glow. Next time I’ll try setting this with a darker (but sheer) powder so that I have more colour in my skin but with the glow still peeking through.
CBB2This is me after 5 hours without blotting or retouching with powder. I oiled up quite a bit on my forehead and my lipstick faded (lol, embarrassing). I have combination skin so I wouldn’t recommend this product for oily skin. On dry skin it may work really well, and if you have combination skin like I do, make sure to set with a good powder and take blotting sheets along with you when you’re out.

Overall, I’m surprised to say that I do like it. It really did give my skin a nice glow and while I don’t usually like heavy coverage, this achieved that without looking too unnatural. It’s definitely something I could use to cover up when I’m breaking out. The high SPF will also help prevent any dark spots from getting darker. Would I repurchase? I’ll check on the exact price and get back to you on that one!
CBB8Chanel is available locally at Rustan’s beauty department.

One response to Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Cream || Review

  1. Erick

    Hi there. I recently discovered this product and just bought one today. Im really excited to use it and it sure does sounds promising. What sells this out to me the most is the “healthy glow” effect which I have been really trying to achieve perfectly. I just really want to have a natural look with noticeable healthy glow. Tried Illamasqua Gleam Cream but not totally satisfied with the result. Did you apply it under foundation? The Chanel lady said that it can be wear alone as well. Im wondering if this will go well with MAC’s mineralize skin finish.

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